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5 original jobs with impact

In the directory of existing professions, are you having trouble finding the right shoe for you? Would you like to discover impact professions to build your professional project/retraining? And professions that are a little out of the classics? In our guide to impact professions, we present to you today the original professions: these professions that we talk about and which nevertheless offer opportunities on the job market. Here are 5 job descriptions of original professions in the impact sector.

Create in the craft trades

The profession of eco-designer is found in many craft activities and consists in integrating more responsible practices into its creation: choice of materials, responsible suppliers, analysis of environmental performance, study of the life cycle... Moreover, each Chamber of crafts in France encourages the eco-responsible approach, in particular by awarding the label Repar’acteurs to give visibility to craftsmen who adopt the circular economy through repair.

Studies: training ranges from bac + 3 (assistant position) to bac + 5 (engineer level).

To do and love this profession: to love creating, manufacturing. have technical knowledge in your field and environmental skills. Know the standards and regulations of the life cycle of products and manufacturing processes.

Trainings: MakeICI offers training in eco-design, including one specialized in cultural activities.

Place of work: self-employed, in a company in the craft sector

Join the civil service

Social Innovation Officer

In the professions of the public sector, there is that of social innovation which consists in leading and coordinating projects around sustainable development and the social and solidarity economy at the scale of a city or a community. For example: setting up a sustainable and united city, innovating in the districts. The innovation project manager encourages “working together” and includes citizens in the co-construction of projects.

Studies: holders of a Bac +5 in political science, local development, social and solidarity economy can consider this job.

To do and love this job: to practice the job of social innovator, it is important to have very good interpersonal skills to manage projects with different interlocutors, know how to lead a group in collaborative mode, be organized, rigorous. , persevering. Have facilitation skills.

Training: The program Design Actions Publiques, facilitation training École Fertüles, manager training for solidarity organizations in Ecole 3A

Place of work: self-employed, in local authorities, public institutions.

Working in the health and social sector

There are several types of professions in the social sector. You can choose to practice as social workers in contact with the people you support and you can also put your sales, HR and even IT developer skills at the service of social structures such as:

The Association Nouvelle Ville Nouvelle which accompanies people in precarious situations wishing to leave Paris to settle in the regions.

👉 You can also consult job offers in this field on jobs.

And if you want to add a therapeutic dimension to your current job, nothing is stopping you! In terms of originality, there are, for example, training courses that prepare for the professions of music therapist or socio-esthetician!

Accompanying others to professionalize impact

Impact Career Counselor

In the study we carried out with Audencia in 2021 on the quest for meaning, 92% of working people who responded wondered about the meaning of their activity. 57% of respondents put behind the “quest for meaning” the desire to contribute to the challenges of ecological and/or social transition and 53% wanted to feel useful. When employees feel the need to retrain in a profession with an impact, students also ask themselves questions about their professional integration in the face of current challenges. The profession of impact guidance counselor can guide them to find their way in this field.

Studies: pass the Decop (State diploma in vocational guidance counsellor), do a course in human and social sciences or in psychology. To specialize in impact, the ideal is to have professional experience in this field.

To do and love this job: have good interpersonal skills, be attentive and pedagogical, have the ability to reactivate people's motivations. Have a good knowledge of the professional environment, have knowledge of the SSE sector and ecological transition.

Starting salary: between 1500 and 3100 gross/year

Follow a professional coach training and/or training to obtain specialized skills to know the challenges of the SSE, the needs of the impact sector: edeni, T Campus

Workplace: self-employed by building your own impact orientation program or in existing training organizations. Here are some that might inspire you: Komunii, Cap Positif, Hisse et Haut

Bring CSR wherever you go

CSR referent

Regarding the job of CSR referent, it consists of defining, leading and implementing the CSR policy of his company, in conjunction with all its stakeholders.

Studies: To do this job, a license or a master's degree in CSR can be interesting, but a short training can also be sufficient.

To do and love this job: love to share your knowledge, be proactive, be a good communicator, have very good interpersonal skills and non-violent communication skills to easily dialogue with the various stakeholders (for example example: in logistics, a technician, a management controller, an accountant, etc.)

Professional training: Nicomak, Eco Learn, long term trainings at School of Impact or Kedge Business School

Place of work: self-employed, internally in a company

We understand that choosing a profession is not always easy. To discover new professions, you can go to impact trades fairs or forums and school open houses in your city or region. You may be able to discover an original profession that you had not thought of and find inspiration by meeting people who will explain to you why they chose their profession.

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