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How to make an original resume ?

In some industries, the number of applicants is much higher than the number of job offers. You must therefore be able to attract the recruiter's attention at the time of your application via your resume and your cover letter. As with a philosophy essay, originality can earn you many points, as well as disadvantage you. It's a risk. If you want to try your luck with originality, this article should interest you. From content to form, here is what we can tell you about creating an original resume !

Why make an original resume?

A classic resume generally includes 4 to 5 sections:

  • a catchphrase
  • your professional background
  • your academic background
  • your interests
  • your skills

Here are 5 reasons why you should create an original resume:

1# You work in a creative profession, in graphic design, photography, illustration, video... To show your touch, your difference, it is even an obligation for you to be original in your application. You can therefore write an original resume in addition to sending your portfolio.

2# You are looking for a job in a field where the demand is greater than the supply.

3# You would like to express your personality in your resume and you can't find it in the classic formats. When you imagine the pile of resumes on your desk or in the recruiters' mailbox, you wonder how your resume can stand out! The originality of your resume can make the difference.

4# You are applying for a job or position that favors soft skills and personality over hard skills.

5# You are not working in a sector of activity such as auditing, accounting, finance or jobs that require rigor and formality. Indeed, you can try the original resume but the risk is greater and could indicate a lack of seriousness on your part. For certain professions, it is better to prefer a sober and minimalist style.

How to make a resume original ?

Via an innovative format

To change the classic word resume format, making an original resume can be done through the form you give it: video resume, computer graphics, dedicated website, singing resume, resume in identity card format, resume with a colorful and graphic visual... There are several options to stand out. You can even send a chocolate bar with your resume wrapped in an origami or tangram!

One candidate even sent a Lego resume to the advertising agencies she was applying for. She had attached to a Lego figure of herself, a user manual turned into a resume.

Via icons

Emoji, icons on Flaticon... are the little original touches you can add to your resume to stand out.

Via colors

To design your resume, you can play with colors, highlighting certain personal information or keywords with colors.

Via numbers

Highlighting key figures, especially for jobs that require results, can make a difference. For example, if you are applying for a sales job, you can specify how much you have increased the company's turnover, or how many new contracts you have signed.

Via your resume's tagline

If you stick to a more classic format, you can still add a touch of originality to convey your personality via the resume's tagline.

For example: "I have made a name for myself in the world of photography by taking pictures of old boats in my region of Brittany, which allowed me to have 2 exhibitions. I'm now looking for a full-time job to showcase the crafts."

Via your photo

A photo a little more fun than the portrait on a white background dressed in a blue shirt is possible! A colorful outfit, a photo of you with a big smile or a portrait taken outdoors can bring dynamism to your resume. No need to overdo it, avoid the Hawaiian shirt, the flower necklace and the pixelated image !

What tools should I use to create an original resume ?

For the video resume

You can use a video editing software like Vimeo and watch tutorials on Youtube to know how to do it. Vimeo is also a good tool to send a resume in motion design, which includes an animation.

For an innovative design resume

Tools like powerpoint, illustrator, indesign, photoshop or canva will help you stand out. There are also downloadable resume sites where you can use templates with an original and modifiable layout to present your profile.

4 rules to remember if you are creating an original resume


Making your resume readable should remain your priority to make it easier to read: typography, font size and spacing will keep your presentation airy and fluid.

Spelling mistakes

Because it would be a shame to put a lot of energy into creating an original resume and to make mistakes that would discredit you.

Copy and paste

Classic or original resume, copy/paste is a no-no! Examples of original resume templates on the internet can inspire you, but copying and pasting the content of a specific job will not help you stand out. Just imagine that other candidates have the same idea as you...


No matter how you present your educational background and experiences, don't forget to present them in a chronological way so as not to lose your reader.

The disadvantages of creating an original resume

There are a few negative points to consider when creating an original resume:

  • Creating an original resume will require time: it's up to you to decide if it's worth the time spent building it !
  • Recruiters may not be motivated to download software to read your resume. The pdf and word formats are therefore less risky.
  • We would tend to tell you: nothing ventured, nothing gained! Depending on the position you are applying for, the amount of originality should be adapted, as some recruiters may not appreciate candidates who "break the codes". But if you prefer to try the original resume at all costs because you want to announce the color of your personality, then go ahead!

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