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How to write an unsolicited application email ?

When looking for a job, you can apply to an existing job offer or send unsolicited applications to organizations that interest you. In both cases, you will need a cover letter and resume to apply. To send an unsolicited application, the application email is a good way to introduce your approach! How to send one? How should it be constructed? How long should it be? What to say? We'll tell you all about it here.

Why make an unsolicited application?

#1 To get into the human resources databases of the organizations that interest you. Maybe your application process will not lead to anything this time, but the recruiters will have your contact information and may think of you for a future opportunity!

#2 To highlight your unusual profile. If you have many strings to your bow and are having trouble finding a job or a job offer to your liking, an unsolicited application can give you more freedom and open up the field of possibilities.

#3 To apply to an organization you love! If the organization doesn't have any job openings, why not try an unsolicited application? On a misunderstanding... it can work ;)

How can you send your unsolicited application?

If you have the e-mail address of a member of the organization you wish to apply to, that's great! Otherwise, you can use the contact address on the organization's website. Some organizations don't have one, but you can write to them via a contact form. Some also have several addresses and even a dedicated email to contact their human resources department. Others have a page dedicated to the recruitment service on their website and indicate for example "we invite you to apply here" by redirecting to a job offer website or an application form.

4 elements to include in your spontaneous application email

The reasons for your spontaneous application.

For example, "I would like to learn about the circular economy through waste recovery and I am interested in your process of recovering biowaste from collective catering. I am sending you a spontaneous application.

The type of employment contract sought

An internship contract, apprenticeship, professionalization contract, permanent contract, fixed-term contract, part-time...

Information about your motivation

To make the recruiter want to continue reading your application letter and your resume, give them a little about you.


In your unsolicited application email, you can already send your CV and cover letter. You can also attach a letter of recommendation

⚠️When you use a contact form, it is not always possible to send attachments to your application email.

Attachments of your unsolicited application email

Resume for spontaneous application

To submit spontaneous applications, the CV (curriculum vitae) is essential! It will allow the person in charge of recruitment to know more about your professional and educational background and your skills.

A CV generally has 4 or 5 sections:

About me

My educational background

My professional experience

My skills

My interests

You can specify again in the title or in the "About" section that you are applying as a spontaneous application.

Here is an example: "student in the last year of a CSR master's degree and looking for a position as an end-of-studies intern in project management, I am sending you a spontaneous application to join your CSR department."

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Cover letter for an unsolicited application

For an unsolicited application, here are 3 key points to remember, which differ from an application for a job vacancy.

Talk about your interest in the organization's mission

For an unsolicited application, instead of focusing on the links between yourself and the missions or skills required by the job offer, you will instead focus on the bridges to be created between yourself and the organization. In your spontaneous application letter, you can also use the key words that the organization uses in its communication materials and that speak to you, to highlight your similarities.

In the impact sector, organizations are moreover attached to the interest in the mission, and to soft skills, sometimes even more than technical skills.

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Highlight your strengths

What might the company need? How is your profile relevant to this organization? What types of missions can you help them with thanks to your skills? Focus on the strengths that you can bring to the organization you are applying for !

Anticipate the organization's needs

What profiles might the company need? What are their future projects and the skills that could be useful to them? You can also contact the organization directly to find out about their recruitment needs, by calling the company's reception desk or by writing to an HR person on LinkedIn for example. Explain your spontaneous application to them. The information gathered will be useful for you to adjust your application.

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An example of a motivation email

Hello Mr.Mrs. XXX,

Seeing the interest of your job offer platform to promote the home help professions, I am sending you an unsolicited application to join your structure. I'm in my last year of a Master's degree in digital communication and I'm looking for a 6-month internship at the end of my studies.

For your platform, we could imagine making videos on Tik Tok to reach a younger target on the home help jobs. We could also create a video based on testimonies of professionals to highlight the daily life of these jobs. Thanks to my skills in video editing and social networks animation, these are for example projects that I could realize with you.

If these ideas speak to you and you wish to learn more about my profile and my career, I invite you to read my resume and my cover letter attached.


First name, Last name

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