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Among the web professions, the community manager is responsible for the animation of a community. This job, which is often practiced on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, can also be practiced in the field, especially to mobilize citizens around committed projects. Community manager, citizen mobilizer... Are you interested in these jobs? How to write a resume to get a community manager job ? What skills should you put forward ? How to make an original resume in community management to make your application stand out ? Here are some tips !

What are the skills needed to be a Community Manager ?

To be a community manager, recruiters will be looking at your soft skills! Here are 9 of them to make you stand out on a Community Manager job : 


Be curious about the people around you, the events and news in your area, your city, or in relation to your subject, to seize opportunities related to the issues of your community.


Be present and listen to understand and connect with each member of your community.


Responding to every request, to the questions of the community requires being present and reactive.

The editorial staff

Making posts and sharing information in writing to your community requires being a good writer, allergic to spelling mistakes.


Knowing how to put yourself in the shoes of the members of your community is an asset to meet everyone's needs and mobilize people with different characters and interests. Also, in case of negative feedback from customers, for example, being able to understand their problems and provide a constructive response cannot be done without empathy!


This skill will be especially useful for your job as a moderator. On social networks, conflicts and insults can happen quickly. You will need to be diplomatic to handle these situations well.


To write impactful texts on the different social networks and attract the attention of your community, short and impactful is better! Conciseness is therefore also an important skill to have as a CM.

The organization

Between the management of publication schedules and the interactions with many people in the company: the marketing team, the sales people, the graphic designers, the customers, the management... a community manager has nothing to be bored of! Being organized is therefore key in this position, so as not to be overwhelmed by the tasks to be carried out.

Result orientation

The publications, the animation of a group of customers or partners on the networks is not just to create a link and get a like! A good Community Manager must lead a strategy to get results. Why did this or that post not work? What kind of content is liked? What content doesn't work? What is my conversion rate after the last online event?

Do I need to have community manager experience to be a community manager ?

As in all jobs, it is always more impactful to put a previous experience related to the targeted position to catch a recruiter's attention. And if you don't have any? Well, nothing is impossible! If you want to do this job and some of the skills mentioned above are relevant to you, then try your luck! In this particular case of community management, how can you stand out if you have (or think you have) no experience in the field?

The skills

You don't have to have all the skills to be a Community Manager. Especially for an intern or junior position, you won't be asked to have all the skills. Do you want to do this job and have an empathetic personality? Are you good at bringing people together? Do you have a taste for numbers and results? Do you like to write and do you regularly post on the networks? You can focus on any of these skills to show your personal ability to work as a Community Manager;

Areas of interest

You can also create an "interests" section in your resume. Do you already run a community in your spare time? Do you post on social networks about a particular subject? You love organizing meetings and parties between people who don't know each other? Don't hesitate to share your interests related to the community manager position on your resume. Even if you don't have any professional experience in the field, it will already show your taste for the job.

Professional experiences

You surely have in your previous professional experiences, something to make the link with this job. Here are 2 examples: 

You have been a field salesman

You may have developed your listening skills, your understanding of customer needs, your organization, all of which are useful soft skills for being a community manager. You also managed a client file and your personal schedule. You've even made job offers and written articles for the marketing team from time to time. See? You've touched on the community manager's job!

You were a trainer;

Did you regularly post on networks to communicate about new courses? Did you share articles related to the subjects taught? Did you organize events to bring together former clients to share their career paths following the courses? Did you participate in the follow-up of the communication campaign to attract new clients? In short... at the same time active on the networks, listening to the clients you were training, involved in the events and concerned about the follow-up of the communication campaigns and their results, you could be a community manager if you want!

Training in community animation 

In addition to your skills, you can also train in community animation. At makesense, the Reaction program, for example, allows you to develop your community facilitation skills, mobilizing citizens around a committed project. Online and now in person, you can lead a group in your city or neighborhood to make things happen. The 2 or 4 week training course even allows you to obtain a certification as a mobilizer! The class!

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Resume templates;

Classic community manager resume template

Here is a CV template for a young graduate with a professional background in digital marketing, wishing to focus on community animation;


Quentin Fabiel

Community manager 

About me

I helped convert 65 people in 1 month with the launch of the "SuperCampaign" on social networks. My personal touch? To make an impact by writing short and punchy stories, by putting myself in the shoes of the people targeted by my messages.

Professional experience

May 2022 to May 2023

Marketing campaign manager on fixed-term contract


Gathering information from the team for event promotion

Production and planning of visual and editorial content (publications / stories / highlights / video / articles...)

Monitoring and analysis of the impact of social media communication actions

Response to interactions with Internet users 

Co-definition of the graphic identity and the editorial strategy on social networks 

Monitoring of trends and suggestion of new actions

August 2020 to March 2022


Animation of the social networks of COMPANY NAME

July to August 2020

Digital marketing assistant


Management of the brand's e-reputation

Planning of SEO and SEA campaigns

Analysis and reporting of digital results

Online advertising via Google Ads

Creation of marketing content 

Academic background


Master Digital Marketing

School XXX, Nantes

Subjects taught: digital economy, management of entrepreneurial innovation, information systems management, digital foresight, development of web projects in partnership with companies, CRM and Data, web marketing, advertising law.



Bachelor's degree in economics

Fac XXX, Paris 16ème



Lycée XXX, Paris 10ème


Technical skills

  • CRM Management
  • Writing 
  • Communication strategy 

Soft Skills

  • Great listening skills
  • Very good relational skills
  • Ability to federate
  • Organization



Fluent (C1 level)


Intermediate (level B2)

Areas of interest


Daily monitoring of social networks 

Organization of events, parties




Phone number

And to create an original community manager resume

To bet on the originality via the visual you can use tools like Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator to work your layout;

For this example of original resume, we used Canva! ;)

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