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Project manager, how to build my resume ?

The project manager is the central contact person for the other professionals involved in the project. He/she can be the head of a team in the same department or manage the interactions between several departments: marketing, sales, communication, management, IT, logistics... Depending on the sector of activity, the organization and the project, the stakes and skills required will not be the same. However, there are certain skills and qualities that are specific to the job of project manager. Are you looking for a job to apply for this position? How to create a project manager resume? What skills to put forward? We tell you about it here ! :)

The technical skills of the project manager

The ability to write a specification 

Context and stakes of the project, objectives, scope of action (collaborators, customers, places concerned...), description of the need in terms of functionalities, budget, deadlines... Becoming a project manager requires to know how to draw up specifications, an essential roadmap for each actor of the project.

Knowledge of agile methods

Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), Adaptive Project Framework (APF)... If for you, all that is Chinese, they are nevertheless very useful tools to lead projects. Agile methodologies are processes that allow you to manage a project by breaking it down into several stages. At each stage, each collaborator is involved and iterations are carried out to improve the project little by little and to best meet the customer's needs.

Knowledge of project management tools

As a project manager, the tasks are numerous and varied. To manage the progress of a project step by step and to organize its planning and deadlines, there are specific project management tools to master, such as Asana or Trello.

10 Soft skills of the project manager 

The organization 

Building and managing the steps of a project requires being super organized! A project manager is expected to meet deadlines in order to complete project deliverables on time. They may have to manage schedules, meetings, and even several projects at the same time. So it's best to be organized!


Managing a project also requires sharing many messages and clear information to the different actors of the project, whether the communication is in technical terms or not.

Relational qualities

One of the greatest skills of the project manager is certainly his ability to create a good relationship with the internal and external stakeholders of the company: having empathy, being a good listener, being at ease to communicate, unblocking possible conflicts, are necessary skills both with the team and in the customer relationship.

Team spirit

A project manager who is not a team player is like a rugby player who spends his time running alone on the field without making a pass! In this job, you have to like to work as part of a team, give responsibilities and trust others to achieve your objectives.

Problem solving

Being the guarantor of a project also requires resolving numerous objections and conflicts. New projects mean changes in habits, which are not always welcome in a company. A good project manager is able to overcome objections, show empathy and pedagogy to solve problems.


Having to manage unforeseen events, short deadlines, while modulating the project from iteration to iteration, a project manager must be flexible. Adaptability is a skill that recruiters are looking for in this position.


Multi-tasking and multi-tasking, versatility, as well as adaptability, is necessary for any project manager.

Stress management

Once again, budget management, tight timing, unexpected events and problem solving are all part of the project manager's job. The ability to relax and manage stress are therefore assets to have fun and be good at this job.

The power of proposal

Far from being passive, a project manager must sometimes take a position. Being at the center of the interactions between different actors, he/she acquires knowledge on all aspects of the project, which gives him/her the legitimacy to take this position as a contributor of proposals.

The negotiation

To manage budgets, relationships between stakeholders and deadlines, a good project manager practices win-win negotiation.

💡To create a project manager resume, indicating some of these skills will help you catch the recruiter's attention. Of course, there are other skills that will help you stand out, especially when you want to work in a particular industry.

Specific skills for project managers

Depending on the specialization chosen by the project manager, technical knowledge will be required. Here are some examples: 

Web project management

A web project manager will for example need to have skills in digital marketing, digital strategy and a minimum knowledge of digital tools.

IT project management

An IT project manager will need to have skills in computer science, information systems, website redesign, or be comfortable discussing technical aspects with developers for example.

Project management MOA

A project manager, also known as a functional consultant, is the link between the project teams and the person for whom the project is carried out (the project manager). This name is often found in the context of IT projects, in the architecture and construction sectors. The project manager must therefore have skills specific to the sector in which he/she operates.

Project management for sustainable development

Here, a professional experience in the environmental field could be appreciated, as well as knowledge in land use policy, environmental regulations, technical knowledge in environment..;

Example of a project manager resume 

Here is a sample resume for a communication project manager wishing to work in web project management;


Erwan Tessier

Web Project Manager

About me

Having led a digital project around an e-commerce platform at "COMPANY NAME" I have developed strong skills in webmarketing and I am now looking for a position in web project manager to work on the creation or redesign of sites.

Professional experience

September 2020 to March 2023

Junior project manager 


Management of the launch of an e-commerce platform

Collaboration with 5 team leaders

Co-construction of the platform's digital communication strategy

Management of the production of another web project in parallel

Technology watch in the field of e-commerce

July to August 2019

Assistant project manager internship

Communication agency XXX

Meeting with clients to understand their needs

Co-writing of specifications: type of campaign, budget, planning, target...

Distribution of the tasks to be carried out in the team

Supervision of daily work

Budget monitoring

Management of daily difficulties

Recruiting a freelancer externally

July to August 2018

Multimedia project manager internship


Initiation to project management 

Participation in customer meetings;

Co-analysis of customer needs

Management of a CRM

Academic background


Master's degree in business communication 

School of communication, Grenoble 

Learn to design the communication strategy, deploy and manage the communication strategy, and conduct the digital communication strategy in project mode.


Bac ES

XXX High School, Grenoble


Technical skills

  • Mastery of graphic creation tools;
  • Mastery of social networks
  • Web marketing strategy 

Soft Skills

  • Great listening skills
  • Adaptability 
  • Ability to federate
  • Very good relational skills


Scrum Master

Prince 2



Fluent (C1 level)

Areas of interest


Riding a horse

Organize festive events




Phone number

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