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The post-interview thank you email. What is it ?

Sending a thank you email after a job interview always has its effect! Is it necessary to write one after an interview? If you have 2, 3 or even 4 job interviews with the same company, do you have to write a thank you message each time? The thank you email can raise a lot of questions. We try to answer them in this article!

What is the purpose of the thank you email?

#1 To thank the person(s) you interviewed for their time. The recruiting process is indeed time consuming and an email like this might be appreciated.

#2 To help the recruiter remember you. Sometimes the candidates met can be numerous and even if the exchange was top with the, you can be forgotten. Saying thank you 2 or 3 days after the interview the person with whom you exchanged also acts as a reminder email  "I'm here." 👋

#3 To reiterate your motivation. Reminding the recruiters how much you enjoyed meeting them, how you felt good in their work environment and how the position matches your expectations, helps confirm your interest in the position.

#4 To debrief your post-interview feelings. Recruiters are also very appreciative of feedback, which will help them with future hiring. Sharing your feelings is also a sincere and authentic way to stand out.

What to put in a thank you email ?

A reminder of your motivations 

→ For example, "As a result of this first interview, my interest in your company is as high as it was when I read your job posting."

A look back at the recruitment process

→ Example: "I found our face-to-face exchange very enjoyable. I also liked being immersed in your work environment during the meeting with the marketing team. The way you organized this meeting allows me to project myself well into your company."

An anecdote 

Having taken place during the interview or on you, to make you stand out;

→ Example: "As you said in our meeting last week...."

A greeting

It is still a professional email, so you can finalize your email by using one. Polite formulas such as "Yours respectfully" can be used for formal emails. For a more casual email, you can opt for formulas such as: "Yours faithfully", "Sincerely" or simply "I wish you a nice day".

7 examples of thank-you emails 

Thank you email after a first interview 

The tone is casual and the use of "first name" is the norm in this company.

Hello Pascal,

I wanted to thank you after our telephone conversation;

The fact that I clarified the missions with you motivates me even more to join the position of business manager.

I hope I convinced you too.

Good to you,

First name Last name

Thank you email after a second interview 

The use of formal address is used here, but the tone remains casual.

Hello Emilie,

Thank you again for your welcome and your time;

The realization of the case study and your debriefing after my presentation allowed me to project myself a little more in your company. I find it exciting to work on this type of project and this confirms once again my desire to join your HR team.

I wish you a pleasant day.

My greetings,

First name Last name

Thank you email after a team meeting

Hello Sébastien,

Thank you for the time spent with you last Tuesday.

What a team! I felt like I was already part of (Company name).

Your authenticity, your curiosity about me and the caring atmosphere in the group won me over. I hope to join a team like yours.

We look forward to your return.


First name Last name

Thank you email at the end of the process

Hello Mrs. C,

I wanted to express my gratitude for having offered me this great opportunity to meet you and your team;

I am definitely motivated to join your organization and this position is aligned with my professional project.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding my application and remain available if needed.

Very nice day,  

First name Last name

Thank you email in case of process stop

Hello Mr. B,

As agreed, I am coming back to you with my answer to your proposal.

Having found a position that better corresponds to my expectations in terms of missions, I will decline it.

It was a pleasure to meet you and I wish you a good continuation in your search for a candidate;

Kind regards,

First name Last name

Thank you email in case of positive answer

Hello Mrs. Y,

Thank you very much for this positive response. The missions of the position of "Name of the position" as well as the values embodied by your company seduced me. I hope to be able to convince you to join your teams during the next stages of recruitment;

I thank you for this first pledge of confidence, and I am at your disposal for a new meeting.

I wish you an excellent day,


First name Last name

Thank you email after obtaining a first internship

Hello Thierry,

Thank you for this positive response. I am delighted to join your team for a first professional experience!

I thank you for your confidence and I am at your disposal to discuss the steps to take when I join the company.

Good to you,

First name Last name

And some advice on the thank you email 

🕵️ To avoid spelling mistakes, remember to proofread well or have yourself proofread to avoid them.

😎🤓Side of style, the tone may be more or less formal depending on the organization and the degree of closeness you felt during the interview with your was the atmosphere rather conventional? Were you on first-name or last-name terms? This style will really be based on your feeling;

📝The layout can be done in 2 or 3 paragraphs of a few lines. There's no need for a novel, these types of emails should be concise.

💯 Be honest. If you didn't like the way the interview went but want to continue the recruiting process, there's no need to lie about how you liked the way the interview was conducted. You can emphasize other parameters that you liked!

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