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20 catchphrases for a resume in reconversion.

Are you looking for a new career and looking for a job? Good news, atypical career paths are attracting more and more recruiters! Certain qualifications acquired in a previous position can make you an added value in a completely different job, organization or sector of activity. How can you attract the attention of the recruiter when you are in retraining? Here is an article to enhance your professional reconversion in your resume thanks to the catchphrase!

What to put in a resume teaser?

The resume's catchphrase is one of the sections of your resume. Whatever your professional project, you can use it to allow recruiters to know more about your personality and to make you stand out. If you are changing careers, here are a few tips for building your resume tagline

  • Make a link between your target position and your previous position
  • Talk about your conversion training
  • Share accomplishments related to your future career
  • Put forward your personal qualities 

In your resume, make the link with a previous job

For each type of resume, here are different paragraphs to help you stand out from the crowd:

#1 From waiter to customer success manager

After 3 professional experiences as a waiter in a restaurant, my interpersonal skills and my sharp sense of detail will be my strengths in a customer success manager position.

#2 From innovation project manager to facilitation trainer

Empathetic and resilient, I have successfully led complex projects with multi-trade teams and adopted the posture of facilitator on several occasions.

#3 From financial consultant to ESG analyst

Former finance consultant and active member of an environmental association, I am looking for a new opportunity in sustainable finance.

#4 From insurance accountant to association accountant

After 5 years in the bank, I would like to put my accounting skills to work in a social economy company;

#5 From HR in the public sector to the private sector

HR with 5 years of experience in a local authority, having led an internal organization transformation project, I am looking for new challenges in the private sector.

Mention your retraining in your resume

#6 From business to web development

After 3 years of business school, I followed an intensive 6 months training to retrain in web development;

#7 From training to baking

With 10 years of experience in management training, I wanted to make my first passion my profession, by following a CAP in pastry making. I am looking for a first job in this field.

#8 From in-house lawyer to environmental lawyer 

After having ensured the legal security of (Company name) with attentiveness, tenacity and proactivity, I have undertaken training in environmental regulations and am looking for a new position as an environmental lawyer.

#9 From executive to carpenter

I have been a computer executive for 3 years, I have completed the 1 year (Name of training) to become a carpenter and I am looking for an opportunity in a furniture company.

#10 From Sales to Permaculture

I have just completed 3 years of permaculture training following 10 years in real estate sales. I am looking for a first opportunity where I can also use my sales skills.

Talk about accomplishments related to your new job in your resume

#11 From HR to change management

Participating in the transformation strategy of (Company name) has been a revelation in my HR career and I am now looking for a position as a change management consultant.

#12 From project management to training

Having successfully conducted training activities with 120 stores in my previous position, I would like to move into this field and train your customers in the use of your tools.

#13 From journalist to value-added agent

As a former journalist, I renovated about 50 old objects in a recycling shop as a volunteer for 6 months and am looking for a full-time job in this field.

#14 From web developer to graphic designer

Web developer for 2 years, I have always had a penchant for graphic design and illustration and I'm looking to reconvert professionally in this field. My portfolio attached, will give you an idea of my achievements.

#15 From salesperson to associate of an association

Involved in the management of funds for a sports association for 5 years in parallel with my job as a salesman, I am looking to develop an association as a partner.

Highlight your personal qualities in your resume

If you don't have any experience that could be advantageous for your new job, when possible (in the case of a retraining for which technical skills are not a priority or are already mastered), you can rely on your personal and human qualities. If it is relevant to your profile, you can use keywords from the job offer or the organization's website in your catchphrase.

#16 From computer scientist to consultant

Empathetic, curious, educational, I would like to move to the other side of the screen by helping companies to conduct IT projects. I'm looking for a job as an IT consultant.

#17 From project management in the building industry to event management

Knowing how to prioritize, anticipate and having a very good management of the stress and the unforeseen, I seek to put my current competences in the management of events projects.

#18 Communications Manager to Advocacy Manager

In my job as a communicator, my tenacity, my rigor and my diplomacy were strong points to obtain policy changes from my management.

#19 From financial consultant to fundraiser

Reliable, with very good interpersonal skills and an ability to convince, I would like to develop my knowledge of financing networks by joining your investment fund.

#20 From salesperson to community manager

Funny, unifying and full of creativity, I am looking for a community manager position to gather and engage a community via social networks.

6 things to remember when writing a cv catchphrase 

Copy and paste

On the templates and models of resumes on the internet, you will be able to find examples of catchphrases like those mentioned above. You can use them as inspiration to make a resume but your originality will be mostly in your personality, your personal information, your experiences. So don't copy and paste ;) What would you say about yourself to your recipient if he was in front of you? You can try to put yourself in his place to identify the most interesting elements to tell him about you.

The tagline VS the title

Do not confuse the title of your resume with the tagline. In the layout, the title is for example: "business manager", "customer manager", "marketing trainee", while the tagline is an additional paragraph to be integrated in a "About" section of a few lines to introduce yourself.

Action verbs

"Bringing together a community," "Valuing items," "Bringing in a CA of..." To create a resume action verbs bring dynamism to your presentation.


A short text summarizing your work experience or achievements to date will do, especially if you include a cover letter with your application. The important thing is to include your qualities and/or a main reason why you want to apply for an organization or a position;

Beware of mistakes 

Whether it's in the cover letter or in the resume as a whole, making a good resume requires you to proofread well to avoid spelling mistakes that sting the eyes. On a word processor like Openoffice or Microsoft Word, you can select an option to underline your mistakes.

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