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What is the Shift Your Job label?

Have you seen the Shift Your Job tag on some of the job offers on jobs_that_makesense? It's a trusted label, an indicator of an organization's positive impact on the low-carbon transition. Rosine Turret, volunteer in charge of communication at Shift Your Job, tells us more about this tool. What is it used for? How is it built? By whom?

The desire to reconcile employment and climate

Created in 2020, Shift Your Job is a platform launched by a group of volunteers from the Shifters association, which supports the Shift Project, a think tank working for a decarbonized economy. At the basis of this project, a postulate: "we can be very committed in our personal life, facing the ecological emergency, we also want to commit ourselves in our work."

In order to provide answers on how to get involved in one's job, the volunteers have grouped on a platform, organizations (companies, associations, NGOs, public actors...) contributing to the low-carbon transition. Each sector of the economy is represented, as well as the way in which it contributes to the transition, the obstacles it encounters and the actions it is possible to implement. Rosine explains that what is interesting about the tool "is that you can go and consult it when you are looking to work in a new company or when you are already working in a sector, to understand how it can contribute to the transition."

The strength of volunteerism

Since its launch, about 60 volunteers have contributed to the platform. Ariane Phelizot, who launched the initiative, is piloting the project, and now has about 20 people at her side: 

  • the database team that creates the interfaces so that everyone can contribute to the participatory platform by filling in organizations. The team then verifies that the structures respect the low-carbon transition criteria in order to validate them.
  • social networks
  • communication and partnerships, of which Rosine, who arrived in January 2022, is a member. "We intervene on webinars, conferences and on the creation of partnerships with job boards like jobs_that_makesense."

What criteria to validate the impact?

"We base it on organizations that respect the Paris Agreements with the objective of being below 1.5 degrees and on the PTEF: The Plan for the Transformation of the French Economy." The result of 2 years of work by Shift Project volunteers, the PTEF is a real program in book form, showing how each sector can achieve the decarbonization goals by 2050. To create the platform, the sectors mentioned in the PTEF were taken up. As for the assessment of companies, it is based on 6 levers: energy efficiency, sobriety, energy decarbonization, C02 storage, adaptation to change, and support for the transition. "As soon as a company is submitted to us, it is supposed to be categorized in one of these levers, then the database team checks if it is not greenwashing by looking in particular at how the company communicates about what it is doing." Rosine also says there is a step back with the tool, which does not include certain criteria. "We work exclusively on low-carbon criteria, and not on issues of culture and well-being at work." To find out about these parameters, you'll have to do your research on the organizations' websites, contact their members, or look on the side of specialized sites like Glassdoor.

Shift Your Job X Jobs_that_makesense

Currently more than 1700 organizations are listed on Shift Your Job. You can see what their missions and actions are. However, you won't find their job offers directly on the platform. "The advantage of partnering with jobs_that_makesense is that they post the job offers. So we refer job seekers to makesense which is complementary to Shift Your Job." As for choosing jobs_that_makesense as a partner, "it's related to the niche we have of helping people find positive impact work," Rosine explains.

Are you interested in joining a Shift Your Job company?

You can consult the Shift Your Job job offers on jobs_that_makesense

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