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Training in change facilitation, in the middle of the forest !

You accompany behavioral changes for the ecological and social transition and you face many resistances while practicing your job? What if you changed your posture? This is what Entre les Arbres' training courses teach you, to better lead these specific changes around the ecological transition. What makes them special? They are organized in the forest! Serge Mang-Joubert tells us about it.

What is your background Serge?

After studying at Centrale Lyon, I was a consultant in geographic information systems: I helped public and private actors, via a computerized tool for territory management. Since 2017, I have been trying to create these same bridges between humans and the territory, via a sensitive entrance and a reconnection to the living, by proposing experiences in the forest of reconnection to oneself with Entre les Arbres. I didn't want to work behind a computer anymore but on the ground with living beings, human and non-human. I trained in change facilitation and sylvotherapy to lead workshops: forest baths, training courses, coaching. I then took over the trainings that my wife, Lara Mang-Joubert, used to hold in the forest, an environment with multiple assets.

Can you tell us about these courses? What are they about?

Originally, my wife Lara, had been running change management training courses for 10 years, related to ecological redirection. Two of us then joined the activity: Maïté Cordelle and myself. Then, Lara stopped 2 years ago, and we continued to offer what she transmitted to us.

There are 4 modules. The first one, the fundamentals, allows us to become rationally aware that change is not a rational process. There is a need to change one's posture from that of an expert to that of a facilitator. Once learners have completed this module, they can follow the methods and project management program to design and adjust their own change management systems. The facilitation training allows them to learn how to adopt this new posture. And finally, the leadership module allows you to be a leader in the service of collective change.

For whom are the trainings organized ?

All the people who accompany the ecological redirection and the awareness: people who work in associations, communities, research departments. In the situations we find, these are often people who are faced with a lot of resistance, who are powerless, out of breath. The training aims at learning, through a change of posture, new ways of accompanying that will give back meaning, hope and motivation to these jobs.

Why did you choose to organize the training in the forest ?

The forest has several virtues. First of all, cognitive capacities are better because we breathe better. We are programmed in our genes to feel good in this environment and we feel safe there, which allows us to have more mental availability to learn. In the forest, we are also in motion, which facilitates learning. We are more inspired: immersion in a living environment allows multiple connections. And finally, it is an environment that is totally consistent with the energy of facilitation: it provides a framework and a form of listening, exactly what we find in the posture of facilitator.

What is the maximum number of people that can participate in the trainings?

12 people, which allows us to dedicate individual time to each person.

Is there financial assistance available for participants to attend the training ?

Yes, the training courses are Qualiopi certified and eligible for the OPCO.

Here's what learners say :

"This training was a bath in facilitation from A to Z. I realize it afterwards: everything you did during these two days was facilitation, from the material organization to the way you dialogued with us, the way you listened to us."


"I became aware of my ability to take on the challenge of facilitation, when I thought it wasn't for me.


"Serge is endowed with an acuity of mind and a deep sensitivity. I would recommend him to any manager or leader who would like to provide an extraordinary experience for their team."


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