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Valérie Brunel, Kairos - for a socio-ecological redirection

Today we would like to introduce you to Valérie Brunel, sociologist and founder of Kairos.

She offers a seminar to strengthen your understanding of socio-ecological crises and move forward on your transition path.

Hello Valerie, first of all: who are you?

I am a sociologist, systemicist and clinician. My job is to support human changes, whether individual, collective or organizational, in particular those relating to socio-ecological redirection.

Why did you create Kairos?

I created Kairos Accompaniment and Research in 2004 to create a practice of accompaniment that is certainly nourished by the know-how of coaching and therapy, but also by critical knowledge in the social and human sciences.

To build room for maneuver in one's trajectory, one must articulate understanding of the world and work on oneself, to both identify the necessary paths of transformation, and be able to take them.

What is socio-ecological redirection?

The various current challenges (global warming, collapse of biodiversity, widespread pollution, social, economic, political crises, etc.) are symptoms of the same phenomenon: the inadequacy of our productive and economic model, based on growth and extraction of resources, and ignorant of the laws of human and non-human life.

Today, we cross 6 of the 9 planetary boundaries, without meeting the essential needs of the vast majority of humans. This leaves us no choice: we have to change the development model, and quickly.

Socio-ecological redirection refers to rapidly transforming our ways of producing, and therefore of consuming and living, to adopt the principles of strong sustainability: ensuring that economic activity benefits everyone and that work promotes fulfilment, manage resources in such a way as to respect the health of ecosystems and people, do not pollute or release waste, use renewable energy accessible to all, source water responsibly...

What to expect with this seminar?

This seminar pursues several ambitions.

The first is to provide participants with a rapid systemic understanding of the interconnection of current crises, in particular ecological, economic, energy.

Beyond intellectual understanding, the second ambition of this seminar is to profoundly transform the way of perceiving the ecological crisis and integrating it into one's life choices.

The third ambition is to show what could be an economy that would have reintegrated into the laws of life, and to project oneself into it.

Over these two and a half days, participants will contact their connection to the living, inside them and around them.

They will also have time to work on their project in light of the issue of socio-ecological redirection.

This seminar allows

  • Getting informed, really, about the systemic risks linked to the ecological crisis. Experience the reality of the associated perils.
  • Forge a systemic point of view. Understand that all current crises are symptoms of the same problem.
  • Re-examine one's priorities and values.
  • Connect with others who share the same concerns. To feel that our common strength can move mountains.
  • Understanding what would be an economy reintegrated into the cycles of life.
  • Experience its link to the living. Discover that we have deep within us the desire for a life closer to being.
  • Make new choices, adjust your life project in view of this world, to gradually build your resilience


Does this path speak to you?

👉 Come and start it, continue it, share it with the team, from December 14 in the evening to December 16, in the inspiring setting of the Tuilerie de Talouan, in the forest of Othe

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This seminar has a lasting and profound impact on the participants, who have made a profound change or strengthened their commitment to socio-ecological redirection.