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Dossier - Working in Tech & in Impact. Which jobs and training?

Feature: Tech for good

#1 - Tech and Impact: common challenges

Impact companies need to use digital technologies to reach a wide audience. They can create online communities and use artificial intelligence to make strategic decisions. Big Data helps optimize resources and AI helps reduce pollution. Data security is also important, but other approaches, such as outreach and on-the-ground action, are equally critical to the transition.

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#2 - Solutions for a tech for good

Tech plays a key role in the impact sector. Fintech, GreenTech, FoodTech and SocialTech companies are offering innovative solutions. Impact organizations need tech-savvy professionals to manage their sites, analyze data and ensure cybersecurity.

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Want to work in impact and tech but don't know what job to do? A report by OPIIEC, the observatory for anticipating changes in digital professions, reveals that certain professions such as data scientist, technical expert, developer, digital usage manager, software architect or even trainer are in tension in this sector. On jobs_that_makesense alone numerous profiles holding this type of competences are regularly in demand. In addition, salaries are rather interesting in this sector, as noted by an article from Les Echos Start addressing the subject of data: whether in data analysis, data science or data engineering, entry-level salaries are around €46,000 to €48,000 gross annually.

Data-related jobs are only a part of the possible jobs in tech. What are the existing jobs? After presenting the challenges of tech and data in the impact sector, and having given examples of tech-oriented impact organizations in a dedicated article, here are the possibilities available to you, if you want to get involved in impact, by working in this type of job.

20 job ideas in tech and data with impact

Data Analyst

Data Engineer

Data Scientist

Dev No Code

Back End Developer

Front End Developer

Fullstack Developer

Mobile Developer


Technical Director


Growth Specialist


Product Manager

Product Manager

QA Tester

Research Scientist in R&D


Embedded systems

A job in Telecoms or Networks

For a reconversion towards the digital professions

You are a digital professional and you wish to deepen or develop your skills in a new branch? Do you want to retrain in a digital profession? Here are 3 training courses that will allow you to acquire skills in the web and data professions!


During 4 months of training, then 12 in alternation, in Avignon or Paris, the training of the Matrice School prepares professionals for jobs such as Fullstack Developer or Data Analyst.

How to finance it?

Funding arrangements are in place for job seekers.

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Wild Code School

The Wilde Code School's courses can be taken in 11 French cities or online and prepare students for various professions such as web development, data analysis, cybersecurity and product design.

How to finance them?

The training courses are eligible for the CPF

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Data Bird

In 8 weeks in Paris or 12 weeks part-time at a distance, the Data Bird training prepares future impact data analysts. Your skills in data management, data analysis and data & business will be tested in the field in the impact company of your choice, during the training.

How to finance it?

The training courses are eligible for the CPF

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