Internship - Renewable Energy Analysis Engineer – 2 positions (Solar and Wind) - Paris

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Localisation Paris, France
Occasional remote authorized
Posted on 09-26-2023


Everoze is driven by the urgent need to decarbonise, cost reduction in renewables and new enabling technologies,

💡 Transition partners

The mission of this structure is to help companies and citizens improve their environmental and social impact. For example, CSR consulting, training, raising awareness of transition issues, media, etc.

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Everoze proposes two different R&D missions, one in solar and one in onshore wind in France.

Solar internship mission:

The Energy Production Assessment (EPA) is a key element of the due diligences we perform for our clients. The climatic science behind the solar data we employ is evolving rapidly. The objective of your work is to improve the working tools that Everoze uses for the EPA. You will work on a technical white paper that will help refine the tools used by the solar team. Other subjects could be covered during the internship, for example:

• Benchmark existing weather databases and update solar resource assessment methodology (GHI, GTI, temperature, snow, wind, humidity etc…).

• Work on spectral mismatch of different cell technologies.

• Develop some of our tools, for instance to assess soiling and snow impact on energy generation etc…

Wind internship mission:

The objective is to treat data from hundreds of wind farms reviewed by Everoze (mean technical characteristics, energy yield, performance, production, monthly availability, OPEX,etc.) in order to validate our technical assumptions and benchmarks. You will work on our EPA validation which consists in comparing the expected pre-construction production to the actual production of the wind farms. The output of this work will be a paper containing a synthesis of the analysis carried out and the main conclusions. This paper will be published and presented at events, meetings with clients etc. Other subjects could be covered during the internship, for example:

• Generate energy production maps

• Create benckmarks on key technical due diligence topics (OPEX, availability)

• Generate automatic long-term production indices etc…

We will appreciate your proactivity and will listen to your proposals on the approaches to adopt, methods to implement and the subjects to be covered during your internship. In these tasks, you will work with different people from the Everoze team in France but also with colleagues from other teams.


• Final year of a master’s degree in Engineering, Engineering School or similar

• Native/fluent in French and English (spoken and written)

• Knowledge of Python (essential). Experience in databases (SQL) or Machine Learning and AI would be a plus

• Analytical and communication skills

• Ability to write clear, precise and concise reports in French and English