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Posted on 12-07-2023
Start : February 2024

ECOLISE (European Network for Community-Led Initiatives on Climate Change and Sustainability)

ECOLISE is a strategic network of organisations working together internationally to promote and support community-led action on climate change and sustainability.

💡 Transition partners

The mission of this structure is to help companies and citizens improve their environmental and social impact. For example, CSR consulting, training, raising awareness of transition issues, media, etc.

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ECOLISE is currently developing a fundraising strategy to support its organisational strategy implementation.

Presently about 60-70% of ECOLISE funding is coming from EU resources (HORIZON, DEAR, E+, and other programmes) and the remaining part is funded by private foundations and membership’s fees. The ambition for the coming years is to grow the budget in line with operational needs, including developing a component to fund innovative community projects in Europe to respond to climate challenges. To ensure financial sustainability and resilience, ECOLISE would like to diversify its funding sources, including more philanthropic donors and increasing the self-financing component through services.

Present fundraising operations are led by a fundraising circle, coordinated by ECOLISE’s co-director with the support of an external fundraising expert and other team members. The team would like to increase its effectiveness and its operationality through the recruitment of a staff member, for a new position fully dedicated to fundraising.

As a team, we are a group of passionate, purpose-driven individuals who bring our whole hearts and creative minds to the workplace and the service of our members. We foster a human-centred and collaborative working culture where everyone is encouraged to take initiative and responsibility for the direction, quality, impact, and character of our constantly evolving work.


  • Actively contribute to the work of the fundraising circle, by managing the weekly agenda, the implementation of tasks and expected team contributions;
  • Scan and identify new fundraising opportunities, including philanthropy and European programmes;
  • Manage and write project concepts and proposals;
  • Maintenance of reporting schedules and report writing and management;
  • Fundraising management tasks;
  • Ensure fundraising processes run smoothly and openly, from identifying a funding opportunity to the actual submission, ensuring inclusion of relevant (team) members;
  • Support relationship building with funders and other potential funding partners;
  • Prepare fundraising materials (such as presentations and regular information updates when required);
  • Manage and update the donor database, bid tracker and other fundraising documents;
  • Support with financial management when needed.

Full job description can be found here: We’re hiring! Roles in Policy, Content & Social Media, Fundraising - Ecolise



  • You have affinity with ECOLISE’s mission of community-led action for climate change and sustainability;
  • You have at least 2-3 years experience working as a fundraiser, (writing applications, managing and reporting, connecting with donors, etc.), and interest in growing in that field;
  • You have experience working with NGOs in the environmental and social field, ideally also with international networks and social movements;
  • You have experience working with European programmes such as Horizon, Erasmus +, LIFE, DEAR, etc.
  • You have excellent communication skills, both written and spoken;
  • You are fluent in English, both written and spoken;
  • You feel comfortable in a remote working context, collaborating with colleagues in online meetings as well as asynchronously (Slack, Google docs);
  • You are based in Europe (physically and fiscally);
  • Compliance with ECOLISE’s Code of Conduct;


  • Experience with facilitation, collaborative processes, co-creation, sociocracy, participatory governance and/or deliberative processes;
  • Deep knowledge of community-led action for climate change and sustainability.
  • Fluent in languages other than English;
  • You have innovative ideas and are eager to implement them;
  • Good learning capacity and flexibility;
  • You have a university degree;