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Posted on 11-08-2022

AXA Climate

La Raison d'être d'AXA Climate est d'aider la planète Terre à devenir une véritable partie prenante de toutes les entreprises. Notre Mission est l'adaptation climatique et environnementale.

💡 Company in transition

This company has begun its transition to improve its social and environmental impact. Only jobs that contribute directly to this transition are published here, such as CSR manager or carbon footprint project manager.

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La Raison d’être d’AXA Climate est d’aider la planète Terre à devenir une véritable partie prenante de toutes les entreprises.
La Mission d’AXA Climate, c’est l’adaptation climatique et environnementale. Au service de cette mission, 4 différents métiers ! 

  • La formation - via des contenus digitaux, scientifiques pour mettre en mouvement tous les collaborateurs, leur donner les compétences et les outils. 
  • Le conseil - pour impacter en local, via des actions d’adaptation concrètes.
  • L’assurance et le financement - pour sécuriser celles et ceux qui s’adaptent, et impactent. 

Under the supervision of the Lead Data Scientist, your role will be to transform complex business problems related to climate and environment impact into data-oriented solutions. You will be working with the different feature teams, composed of subject matter experts, (physical) scientists, data scientists and data engineers.

As a geospatial datascientist, you will get a wide range of responsibilities and tasks from the choice of the right data, data collection, data cleaning, data analysis, data modeling, algorithm optimization and eventually setting them into production through production-ready compute units.
Here are few examples of projects : computation of indicators with big data (8Tb+) ; processing of satellite imageries ; machine learning / deep learning for flood mapping, crop classification, wildfire propagation ; automation of geocoding.

Our main clients are financial funds, investors, big or mid-cap corporates, governments or PPP, cooperatives, industrials, large farming exploitations dealing with all kinds of crops.

Main roles and responsibilities
Under the supervision of the subject matter experts and the lead data scientist, you will contribute as a Geospatial Datascientist to deliver high-quality solutions with the two main responsibilities:

  • Identification & acquisition of relevant data and relevant providers.
  • Acquisition, cleaning, and statistical analysis of data.
  • Translation of business problems into code, developing the best model / algorithm as regarding the needs, and producing the right outputs


  • Grandes Écoles d’ingénieurs (X, CentraleSupélec, École des Ponts, Mines, ENTPE, ENSTA, ENSAE…)
  • MSc in top French, European or International Universities (Paris-Saclay, Dauphine, Imperial College, ETH Zurich, EPF Lausanne…)


  • Major/Minor in Data Science / Computer Science / Statistics
  • Previous experience as a Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer
  • Previous experience in a climate related field is a + (manipulating temporal and geospatial data)
  • Previous experience in the consulting field is a + (using data to build products helping the delivery of missions)


  • Fluency in French required.
  • Fluency in English desired.

Required skills:

  • Strong skills in Data Science and Statistics
  • Strong skills in Python – familiar with geospatial data manipulation (geopandas, rasterio, gdal, etc)
  • Comfortable with following stacks: AWS Cloud Platform ; Docker ; Git
  • Knowledge in CI / CD is a plus
  • Strong communication and project management skills
  • Pragmatic, Business & Solution-oriented
  • Autonomous and very well organized
  • Ability to work with various scientists and experts on various natural or physical subjects
  • Demonstrated interests in climate and environmental issues.