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What are the jobs in the press and media? And what impact will the ecological and social transition have on these professions?

Press and media professions play an essential role in disseminating information and communicating with the public. Journalists investigate, write and report the news, while press officers facilitate relations between the media and organizations. Media planning professionals manage content distribution, while advocacy officers defend specific causes through the media. These professions require research, communication and storytelling skills to inform, entertain and influence public opinion.

In the context of the ecological and social transition, press and media professions are evolving to reflect environmental and social issues. Journalists are increasingly turning their attention to sustainability issues such as climate change, biodiversity conservation and ecological initiatives. They are giving a voice to social movements and citizens' initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable practices and raising public awareness of environmental issues. For example, some specialized media devote themselves exclusively to covering environmental topics, while others regularly include columns dedicated to sustainable development.

Media professionals are also adopting new approaches to communicating and disseminating information in a changing world. With the emergence of digital media and online platforms, press and media professions are integrating digital skills and turning to formats such as podcasts, online videos and social networks to reach a wider audience. Participatory and collaborative media also enable citizens to actively contribute to the production and dissemination of information, enhancing engagement and interaction with the public.

The press and media professions are also evolving in terms of ethics and deontology. Professionals are increasingly aware of the importance of objectivity, accuracy and verification of information, as well as the impact of their reporting on society and the environment. Some media are committed to adopting more responsible editorial policies, avoiding sensationalist news or highlighting positive initiatives linked to the ecological and social transition.

These developments testify to the growing importance of a responsible and committed approach in the press and media industry. Professionals in this sector play a key role in disseminating information on environmental and social issues, and in promoting a conscious and committed society.

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