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Sustainable development manager: job, missions and salary

Roles and missions of the sustainable development manager

The Sustainable Development Manager is a position of responsibility that can be found in a large number of companies and organizations. He or she is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating strategies, programs and initiatives aimed at improving the environmental performance of the company or organization.

The main roles and missions of the Sustainable Development Manager are :

  • Develop and implement sustainability strategies and programs;
  • Monitor and evaluate the environmental impact of the company and its processes;
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and implement them;
  • Implement environmental monitoring and control systems;
  • Manage tenders and related projects;
  • Ensure compliance with environmental regulations and standards;
  • Manage litigation and resolve environmental issues;
  • Analyze data and produce reports and recommendations;
  • Develop strategies and action plans to promote sustainable development;
  • Communicate with political bodies and industry stakeholders;
  • Oversee the development of procedures and processes related to environmental protection;
  • Participate in awareness raising activities on sustainable development;
  • Train and coach teams in the area of sustainable development.

The Sustainability Manager plays a key role in ensuring that companies and organizations comply with environmental standards and are able to benefit from the opportunities offered by sustainable development.

Salary and career development of the sustainable development manager

A sustainability manager's salary depends on his or her level of experience and area of specialization. In general, salaries are competitive and tend to increase with experience.

Here is a list of gross annual salary evolutions in France by years of experience for a sustainable development manager:

  • 0 to 2 years: between €25,000 and €37,000
  • 2 to 5 years: between 34 000 and 46 000 €.
  • 5 to 10 years: between €40,000 and €54,000
  • 10 to 15 years: between 47 000 and 61 000 €.
  • More than 15 years: between 55 000 and 70 000 €.

A sustainable development manager can evolve professionally towards these jobs:

  • Social responsibility officer ;
  • Consultant in sustainable development ;
  • Expert in sustainable development ;
  • Sustainable development project manager;
  • Project manager in sustainable development.

Advantages and disadvantages of the job of sustainable development manager

  • You can help the environment and local people around the world.
  • You can feel satisfied and motivated knowing that you are contributing to the protection of the environment and the reduction of negative impacts on the environment.
  • You have the opportunity to work in many areas such as renewable energy, sustainable transportation, biodiversity, sustainable products, etc.
  • You have the opportunity to work with businesses, organizations and government entities on a national and international scale.
  • You have the opportunity to travel to understand other cultures and work with people from different backgrounds.
  • Being a sustainability manager can be a very demanding and time-consuming job.
  • You will face difficult and complex environmental and political challenges.
  • You'll have to work in difficult environments and long hours to achieve goals.
  • You may have to work in remote and isolated areas.
  • You may face cultural barriers and conflicts that may prevent you from doing your job.

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