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What is Positive Impact Consulting?

The consulting professions are key roles in business and management. Consultants are external experts who bring their expertise and advice to organizations to solve specific problems, improve performance or achieve strategic objectives. They analyze customer needs, propose appropriate solutions, and provide recommendations for implementation. Consultants need strong analytical skills, adaptability and excellent communication and project management skills.

The ecological and social transition has also led to significant changes in the consulting profession. Consultants are increasingly called upon to help organizations integrate sustainable practices into their strategy and operations. They provide advice on reducing carbon footprints, managing waste, adopting renewable energies and implementing social responsibility policies. They also help companies anticipate and adapt to sustainability-related regulatory changes. In addition, consultants work with stakeholders to develop awareness-raising and communication initiatives on environmental and social issues. The skills required of consultants have therefore evolved to include in-depth expertise in sustainable development and an understanding of the challenges associated with ecological and social transition.