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Promouvoir et développer la finance solidaire et la finance à impact social en France et à l'international

  • Paris
  • Nonprofit organization
  • 15-50

Cabinet Partium

Depuis sa création, le cabinet PARTIUM se dédie aux besoins en recrutement des structures de l'ESS, selon une démarche centrée à la fois sur l'humain, les compétences, et une éthique irréprochable.

  • Paris
  • Unknown
  • 0-15


La société H2air est un producteur d'électricité renouvelable indépendant. La société développe, construit et exploite des parcs éoliens et solaires en France et à l'international.

  • Amiens
  • Company
  • 50-250

On Purpose

On Purpose contribue à une mutation en profondeur du système économique actuel, en accompagnant les leaders de demain dans leur transformation professionnelle et personnelle.

  • Paris
  • Nonprofit organization
  • 0-15

Antropia ESSEC

Antropia ESSEC a pour mission de renforcer la capacité à agir et à innover des individus et des organisations au service de la transformation vers un monde plus inclusif et durable

  • Cergy
  • Nonprofit organization
  • 0-15

Nightline France

Nightline France est une association de loi 1901 qui œuvre pour l’amélioration de la santé mentale des jeunes et en particulier des étudiant·e·s en agissant à l'échelle individuelle et collective.

  • Paris
  • Nonprofit organization
  • 15-50


Eloi permet d'accélérer la transition agro-écologique en apportant des solutions innovantes pour la transmission de fermes à des jeunes agriculteurs engagés

  • Nantes
  • Company
  • 0-15


Utilisation inventive des espaces disponibles, Yes We Camp est un collectif pluridisciplinaire qui œuvre, depuis 2013, à l’activation et la gestion coopérative d’espaces urbains vacants.

  • Marseille
  • Nonprofit organization
  • 50-250


Planteurs d’Avenir est un programme associatif qui a pour mission de créer un réseau de pépinières participatives où chacun se mobilise en faveur de dynamiques agroforestières durables.

  • Lapouyade
  • Nonprofit organization
  • 0-15

makesense France

makesense inspire et équipe les citoyen.nes, et organisations pour construire ensemble une société inclusive et durable.

  • Paris
  • Nonprofit organization
  • 50-250

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Discover all the resources to inspire and guide you in the world of positive impact. Testimonials, analyses, job descriptions and skills of tomorrow, everything you always wanted to know without daring to ask.

Entrepreneurship in the territories: is it the right time?

The health crisis has given rise to many desires to reconnect with nature. To go beyond the fantasies of life in the countryside, Yannick Rasoava presents us with the issues of entrepreneurship in semi-rural areas and the challenges of these territories.

A job that makes sense... But what sense?

You are sure: you want to do a meaningful job. OK, but what does the meaning mean? The good news is that there is no answer to this question. On the other hand, we give you tips to avoid having a panic attack every time we ask you the question.

"Thinking the ecological and social transition in a systemic way" with Thomas Merzlic (T-Campus)

From the tire to the eco-place, discover the journey of Thomas Merzlic, who presents the T-Campus immersion program.

[Interview] Côme, co-founder of La Joist - training in energy renovation

With 600,000 additional people to be trained by 2050, the building energy renovation sector is on the rise! Discover the challenges and possible training for this sector of the future!

Hélène de Vestele (Edeni): "Ikigai is a useful tool for introspection"

Far from being a fixed tool, the Ikigai can evolve over time. Edeni integrates this tool in the introduction of 2 of its programs. Hélène, its founder, tells us more.

Am I legitimate to work in the impact sector?

Ah, the impostor syndrome... We could make novels out of it! If you feel illegitimate in your thinking to work on the impact, this little exercise is for you! #positivereinforcement

The professional retraining guide

You no longer thrive in your work, and you plan to change profession to find more meaning in your professional life? Discover the resources to help you think about a retraining project and find your way.

Guide for a purpose-driven career change

There is no magic recipe for a successful professional retraining, but there are tools to prepare it well! Noëmie Martin-Pascual, founder of Bloom'r and Ways to shift, presents 16 key stages in this journey.

The 32 professions that are recruiting for retraining with impact

Do you think the impact sector is totally clogged? What no! We have prepared a short guide to jobs that are recruiting in 2022 to get you involved in a cause that is close to your heart.

Seeking IKIGAI

Have you always dreamed of getting paid to do what you love? But are you really good at it, and is it really what the world needs? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, congratulations! You have found your Ikigai. If not, read this article urgently!

The MBTI personality test - Get to know yourself better to be yourself

Have you always been a fan of summer psychotests? If you have a maximum of 💚... Then this article is for you. Discover the MBTI test to identify your personality traits and find out what type of job is right for you!

How to finance your vocational training

Sophie Carretero, professional development consultant at APEC, presents the various aids for professional retraining. CPF, PTP, ... These terms will no longer hold any secrets for you!

[Testimonials] Their professional retraining has made them happier

Need inspiration? Discover 3 career paths that will make you want to take action.

Our mission

We believe that choosing a job with a positive impact is a way of taking concrete action for the ecological and social transition.

We want to give everyone the chance to find a meaningful job.

We bring together all those who want to put their professional lives at the service of an inclusive and sustainable society: passionate entrepreneurs, committed players in the social economy, training organizations for the professions of tomorrow and talented candidates in search of meaning.

We want to support 10 million people towards a career with a positive impact.

jobs_that_makesense is the makesense's answer to the millions of French people who want to give meaning back to their professional lives.