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Posted on 07-12-2024


Leader in supply chain sustainability. We work with local communities to develop regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, forest conservation and landscape restoration projects worldwide.

💡 Transition partners

The mission of this structure is to help companies and citizens improve their environmental and social impact. For example, CSR consulting, training, raising awareness of transition issues, media, etc.

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Spontaneous Application

Jobs open all around the world

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PUR Description

PUR is a global, impact-focused B-Corp specializing in supply chain sustainability. We design, develop, and implement nature-based solutions projects to help our corporate partners reduce their environmental footprint and meet their ESG targets. Many of PUR's projects fall within the categories of insetting, regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, forest conservation, and landscape restoration.

These projects aim to introduce more sustainable agricultural practices, regenerate and preserve ecosystems, and socially and economically empower local communities. Today, we employ 200 staff across 16 countries, with key offices in Paris (HQ) and Toronto.


Industry Description

PUR operates within the dynamic and rapidly evolving sector of environmental consultancy services and nature-based solutions (NbS) markets. The NbS market has recently gained traction as society recognizes the invaluable services provided by nature and the need to preserve, restore and harness these services to mitigate and adapt to environmental challenges. To be considered a nature-based solution, projects must address real societal challenges and offer strong environmental, economic and social benefits for local communities.

Market KPIs:

  • If combined with deep decarbonisation efforts, NbS projects could provide up to 30% of the mitigation needed to limit global warming to 1.5ºC above pre-industrial levels by 2030 (World Economic Forum, 2023)

  • NbS project credits make up the largest volumes of carbon credits available in the VCM (voluntary carbon markets ) with $9bn invested between 2020 and 2022 (Sylvera, 2023)

  • 5,307 companies have set science-based targets - a 4.2x increase since 2022 – and a significant driver of demand within the NbS and VCM markets (SBTi, 2024)

PUR is growing quickly around the world, so we have many open positions and more are coming !

If you don’t find the job you are looking for in our career page, please, take the time to send a spontaneous application !

We will be pleased to review your application to find a potential match with an upcoming role and contact you.

To give you a better view, PUR has 5 teams :

1) The Central team :

The Central team includes HR, Finance, IT, Marketing, Communication, Legal and Data.

Most of them are based in France, but we also have a few members in LATAM, Asia, North America and Africa.

* The Data team treats the data from the ground with different kinds of technology (geospatial., remote sensing..)

2) The Commercial team

This team is directly in link with our clients, to advise them in their sustainability strategy. 

We have two kinds of people : Business Developer and Key Account Manager.

We have members based in Canada, France, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Indonesia and we are looking for members in different regions as well.

3) The Operations team

In charge of the management of our projects all around the world. They work on different kind of projects  : Agroforestry, Conservation and Regenerative agriculture.

They are working mostly in the field to implement the projects with the local communities.

4) Carbon Team

This team works on all the carbon  subjects : find new projects/area, certification, audit, feasibility, calculation...

5) The Product Team 

The goal of the Product Team is to provide a centralized venue for collaboration between PUR’s global teams for the benefit of common practices, product and concept definition and external engagement. 

In this team, we have a pool of experts : agroforestry, soil, coffee, cacao, forestry, carbon, regenerative agriculture, marin, livestock ...

So, if you recognize yourself in our values, you imagine yourself easily in our fast growing company; you are driven by the environment impact, you are flexible and you didn’t find your dream job in our open jobs, apply through this spontaneous application. We will come back to you if we identify a match !


How to apply ?
Send your CV with a detailed cover letter of your drivers and skills. 

Indicate the team you would like to join and the country you want to be based in.

Please, notice we are working under local contract.