Supply Chain Operations Director [Brazil] - Brazil

💡 Responsible products or services
Long-term contract
Localisation Brazil
Occasional remote authorized
10+ yrs of exp.
Posted on 11-22-2023
Start : January 2024


MORFO has developed a solution for large-scale ecological restoration of forest ecosystems in tropical and subtropical regions such as the Atlantic Forest and the African Equatorial Forest.

💡 Responsible products or services

The company's mission is to design eco-responsible products and services aligned with the needs of the ecological transformation.

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Location: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Join the Adventure at MORFO - Restoring tropical forest ecosystems across the globe!

Are you ready to be part of an exciting journey with MORFO, a rapidly growing forest ecosystem restoration company making a global impact on climate change, biodiversity, and society? We are a team of passionate individuals with cutting-edge science, innovation, and creativity at our core. With +30 collaborators in 2023 and projects spanning Brazil, French Guiana and Central Africa, our mission is both thrilling and powerful.

Missions đŸŒ±

As MORFO activities are growing in Brazil and the need for qualitative ecosystem restoration is surging, we’ll need to deploy projects at a large scale and have a world-class logistics to ensure our success.

High responsibilities, ambitious goals, and a formidable opportunity to conjugate environnemental impact, social impact, with a business-driven focus. You will manage your own business unit, in partnership with the Head of Seed Supply, reporting to the CEO of MORFO BRASIL, Grégory, and with the assistance of Head of Ecosys, Emira, as well as the 3 co-founders Pascal, Hugo and Adrien.

Craft and Execute an Innovative Supply Chain Strategy: - Spearhead the development and execution of a pioneering supply chain strategy, intricately aligned with overarching business goals and objectives.

Elevate Warehousing Practices:

  • Institute and champion high-standard warehouse practices at every juncture of our supply chain journey.

Optimize Pods Production Process with Precision:

  • Oversee and optimize the pods production process, aligning with project timelines and seed requirements.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Best Practices:

  • Guarantee unwavering compliance with regulations and industry best practices, establishing a gold standard for adherence.

Lead and Cultivate a High-Performing Supply Chain Team:

  • Lead, inspire, and develop a specialized supply chain team, fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement.
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience
  • in entrepreneurship, startup management or business unit deployment with a generalist position. You should have a diverse background in these areas, demonstrating adaptability and a comprehensive understanding of business dynamics.
  • in developing and shape your own business practice, guided by a holistic vision. We are seeking someone who is driven by a strong sense of purpose and a commitment to sustainable growth.
  • Experience working in the forest sector, small farms sector, or with indigenous communities. If you have prior experience in these specialized fields, you will bring valuable insights that align with our mission and values.
  • Proven track record in effectively managing high-level responsibilities. Your ability to make strategic decisions and lead with confidence will be crucial in driving the success of our organization.
  • Experience in managing teams of 10+ people. As a key player in MORFO, you will be entrusted with leading and nurturing a team to achieve exceptional results collaboratively.
  • Fluent in English


  • Speaking French