Financial and impact analyst - Brussels

Long term
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Posted on 02-17-2022

Participer activement et efficacement à réduire les inégalités sociales et environnementales dans le monde en offrant à tous l'opportunité d'investir dans des entreprises à fort impact positif.

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Read more a la volonté de répondre à 2 enjeux majeurs : le besoin de financement des entreprises à impact social et environnemental positif et le manque de transparence et de sens des investissements qui sont proposés au grand public.

Leur mission est de participer activement et efficacement à réduire les inégalités sociales et environnementales dans le monde en offrant à tous l’opportunité d’investir dans des entreprises à impact positif. C’est pourquoi ils offrent la possibilité à chacun de se constituer un portefeuille 100% responsable, 100% transparent & 100% en ligne.

Aujourd’hui est la première plateforme d’investissement en Europe dédiée à l’impact investing et a pour objectif de devenir la première fintech d’impact. est une équipe engagée de 40 personnes à Paris, Marseille, Bruxelles et Milan.

You will perform financial and strategic analysis of companies wishing to raise funds via LITA, be in direct contact with entrepreneurs seeking funds, present investment opportunities to our investment committee, and follow up on the operations of these companies.

Your main tasks within the team will be as follow:

  • Conduct the analysis (due diligence) of the companies : market studies, financials, ESG/impact measurement
  • Calculate valuations
  • Participate in the financial engineering and structuring of fundraising (debt and equity) with the team and directly with the entrepreneurs
  • Organize the monitoring of our portfolio and the realization of financial and extra-financial reports

In addition, you will participate in prospective research in terms of sourcing and monitoring on various topics (food/agriculture, textiles/ethical and responsible consumption, social/sustainable real estate, etc.)


This is a multidisciplinary position that requires excellent analytical skills. We are looking for a junior profile with :

  • Experience in credit analysis, private equity, or audit of at least 2 years
  • Academic background with an economic/financial orientation
  • A strong interest in social business and impact investing sectors
  • Knowledge of, and expertise in, impact related topics such as sustainable agriculture, food, renewable energy, sustainable construction, social economy or social entrepreneurship
  • Excellent analytical and market research skills
  • Writing agility and synthesis skills in French and Dutch.
  • Good communication skills and ability to work independently and/or in a team
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to take initiative and to grow quickly

A business development mindset is a great asset.

You enjoy diversity in your work and appreciate the flexibility of a small organization
You are determined, reassuring and pedagogical to guide entrepreneurs
Pragmatic and persevering to ensure good risk management
You have an entrepreneurial spirit, a willingness to learn and to develop LITA