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Paris, France
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Posted on 07-15-2022
Start : September 2022


< S'écouter pour aller Bien > Leesen démocratise les groupes de soutien interactifs au service de ton fitness mental

💡 Responsible products or services

The company's mission is to design eco-responsible products and services aligned with the needs of the ecological transformation.

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The vision: Make Mental and Emotional Wellness simple & accessible - focusing on a too often forgotten population (but yet very vulnerable) : The Young (15-25y)!

🤯 What’s the problem today?

On one hand, the burden of Brain health conditions is growing…

  • 1 out of 5 people in the world today experiences a mental disorder in any given year *
  • Common disorders (anxiety, depression) will account for a $16 trillion cost to the global economy by 2030 *
  • Total estimated burden contributes an added 333 million “lost years” globally (go checkout this unit measure McKinsey Health Institute has developed!) **

On the other hand there is a prevalence of those conditions in the young population:

  • +90% of Adolescents (12-17) reporting experiencing depressive episode between 2008 and 2019
  • + 81% for Young adults (18-25y) ***
  • (VS +16% for the 26+ population)

And on top of of that 75% of diseases develop before the age of 25 (yes, you read right!)

So if you do the maths correctly, addressing the mind health risks specific to Youth is pivotal.

🌎 What we want to do?

  • Taking care of ourselves shouldn’t be scary nor complex.
  • We believe mental wellness is a ressource and that this ressource can be built and learned (go Prevention!)
  • We believe that with a Collective & Playful/light-hearted approach we can make taking care of ourselves much more accessible and smash mental wellness taboos!

✔️ What has been done so far?

  • Project on since Oct 2022
  • Quantitative and qualitative User research: 200 respondants, 20 people interviewed
  • Value proposition validated
  • Prototype on the go

😃 Who am I?

  • Former Cross-cultural Digital Scale-uper - 34yo
  • Also Certified Coach, passionate about psychology and strong believer that it is more than ever vital to invest in our Brain Capital to address the 21st century challenges we face






✌️ What you will be doing?

  • I am looking for a Co-founder, a Partner, with either an expertise in Tech with a good UX sensibility or a Business/Marketing Background eventually in the area of Wellness or Education, to build the vision and the product with me! But super open about the profile #FitIsKey
  • Concerned about mental wellness challenges
  • Knowledge on gaming industry, building communities a +
  • /!\ THIS IS A NON PAID POSITION. Large Equity Package offered.