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Localisation Melbourne, Australia
Posted on 05-21-2024

Blunomy (formerly Enea Consulting)

We believe breaking silos is the only way to move towards a regenerative society that’s decarbonized, circular and inclusive.

💡 Transition partners

The mission of this structure is to help companies and citizens improve their environmental and social impact. For example, CSR consulting, training, raising awareness of transition issues, media, etc.

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Blunomy is an international strategy consulting firm, dedicated to accelerating the move towards a regenerative society that is decarbonised, circular and inclusive. We do this by partnering with those in the energy supply chain, as well as financial institutions, business and entrepreneurs to ensure the transition of their resources from brown to green.

We have been operating since 2007, previously trading as Enea Consulting, and continue to expand our international team of Blunomists. Our high performing, multidisciplinary team are based across 6 offices: Melbourne, Sydney, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong and London. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, are open minded and focused on the future, united by shared values and are passionate about sustainable development and energy access.

We are looking for a passionate, engaging Principal (Green gas & fuels), to join our team in either Melbourne or Sydney. We invite all of those who want to break the mould to join us to get change done!

Your role as Principal will see you strengthen Blunomy’s market position and achieve growth by building key customer relationships, identifying business opportunities and supervising projects.

1.       Business development

  • Oversee business development within the green gas & fuels industry

  • Develop and maintain client relationships, identifying opportunities for value creation, promote and develop business for the company.

  • Manage, supervise, and propose frameworks and methodologies; develop commercial proposals.

2.       Project delivery

  • Lead complex strategic consulting projects for green gas & fuels industry clients, provide final recommendations, ensure quality of project delivery and assist clients as needed.

  • Supervise costs, quality and client satisfaction on projects driven by Managers and Senior Consultants, report on project performance.

3.       Corporate Strategy / Team Management / Internal Development

  • Act as a Line Manager for Managers, Senior Consultants and Consultants; support and up-skill team members, contribute to the strategic direction, development of knowledge/thought leadership, and expertise in the green gas & fuels sector.

  • Managing internal responsibilities, including recruitment, staffing, training etc.

**Example projects – Green Gas

**Some of our recently completed projects in Australia focused on green gas & fuels include:

  • Evaluating opportunities for diesel replacement with hydrogen for a state government - working closely with our client to identify key opportunities for diesel replacement (focus on non-transport uses) and evaluate., at a high-level, the magnitude of diesel replacement (volume of H2, CO2 emissions abated), economics of diesel replacement, business model for hydrogen production and distribution and regulatory barriers for each opportunity.

  • Biogas feasibility study for an Australian food manufacturer - partnering with our client to explore biogas opportunities from the organic waste collected at their production facilities to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. A key focus is assessing the economic viability of the potential biogas production and use.

  • Cost-benefit analysis of economic support mechanisms for developing a hydrogen sector - working with a state government to explore and identify economic mechanisms to support and develop a hydrogen economy. This also includes combining multiple mechanisms to maximise the support provided by the government to hydrogen producers while optimising the cost to the government.

  • Biogas market study for a Tier 1 Australian energy player - developing a broad view on biogas markets in Australia, considering feedstock availability, production pathways, biogas production costs and the regulatory landscape. The project also explored players along the biogas value chain locally and internationally and potential biohub regions

Example projects – Other

In addition to the above, Blunomy has recently completed projects in the energy sector including:

  • Microgrids market study and go-to-market strategy – support to identify the most attractive countries in Asia for C&I microgrids, assess the market opportunity, and develop the go-to-market strategy for the new venture between an international technology supplier and global investment fund.

  • Defining a ten-year vision for transitioning a DNSP to a DSO, developing DSO target state across multiple planning time horizons and the underlying roadmap leading to each target state.

  • Project Edith (report viewable HERE), partnering with Ausgrid and Reposit Power to explore an approach to higher levels of DER integration in the network

  • Non-network solutions evaluation tool – a framework for evaluating and optimising non-network solutions (battery storage, SAPS, microgrid, demand response etc.), with a cost benefit analysis of non-network solutions against network augmentation projects, to identify capital deferring opportunities for a distribution network service provider.

  • Energy storage opportunity study and strategic procurement support: Network battery business model assessment, network locations suitability evaluation, procurement scope definition and market sounding

  • DER and load forecasting for multiple network operators: our data science team develops a solution to forecast future load and DER penetration (PV, battery, EV etc.) which is used by major Australian DNSPs for their planning needs.

  • Australian DER market study and go-to-market strategy – analysis of the Australian DER market and its likely evolution, and identification of opportunities for new positionings in Australia’s future distributed smart grid. Ongoing support with go-to-market strategy within the distributed energy space.

Why work for Blunomy?

You will be joining a passionate group of professionals, aligned in our mission to move towards a decarbonised, circular and inclusive economy. As we are currently in a stage of significant growth, you will be much more than a ‘cog in the machine’, with the ability to make a real and lasting impact across the business. We are focused on finding the right people to journey with us, and to those who do, we offer:

  • Attractive salary packages

  • Ability to participate in the company bonus scheme

  • Hybrid working environment, based in either Melbourne or Sydney

  • Ability to be part of a global team

  • Ongoing learning and development opportunities

  • Weekly team lunch/breakfast

  • Access to our health and wellbeing platform, Moka Care


We are looking for a motivated, experienced and passionate person to join our growing team. The right person will have some of the following, and a willingness and ability to learn the rest.

  • You are passionate about the energy transition and climate change, with a strong interest for energy, environment and/or sustainable development

  • A minimum of 8 years’ experience working within or consulting to the green gas industry with a proven track record of strategic consulting and business development expertise.

  • C-suite level network within the green gas sector

  • Functional skills: excellent verbal and written communication skills, critical thinking, comparative analysis and synthesis capabilities, intellectual rigor, curiosity, open mindedness, empathy, team spirit and leadership

  • Technical skills: strong analytical skills, efficient use of MS Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Commercial skills: Strong influencing and leadership skills reflected by the ability to work effectively across a variety of clients, showing a proactive approach to building client satisfaction and strong relationships; demonstrated ability to sell and positively impact revenue growth and strong commercial acumen

  • Capacity to manage strategic consulting projects in electricity network/energy industry environments

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in relevant field (e.g. engineering, science, commerce, finance, public policy)

To be eligible to apply for this position, candidates must be either an Australian citizen/permanent resident or have ongoing working rights in Australia (mandatory)