Communications & Social Media Strategist

Just One Giant Lab (JOGL)

  • Freelance
  • Paris, France
  • Full remote
  • < 15 persons
Social mission

JOGL aide l'humanité à se synchroniser sur la résolution de problèmes sociaux & environnementaux en utilisant la science ouverte et l'innovation responsable.

Job description

In short:

  • ​Job Description Published: 8 February 2021
  • Organization​: Just One Giant Lab (JOGL), is a young rapidly growing non-profit platform whose mission is to create the largest community of contributors to Open Science and Innovation in order to face our most challenging problems.JOGL Team Size: 15 team members
  • Position: Communications & Social Media Strategist
  • ​When​: As soon as possible - 5 months and more
  • Where​: Remotely and/or at the JOGL offices, within the Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire, Paris 4th arrondissement, metro St Paul/Bastille.
  • ​Contract​: Half-time to Full-time (Freelance)


Just One Giant Lab (JOGL) is an online, community based platform challenging the way research and innovation is conducted through an open and inclusive manner. JOGL helps humanity to sync on fixing our most urgent and important problems using Open Science, Responsible Innovation and Continuous Learning. JOGL partners with academic labs, companies, startups, foundations, NGOs and public services to create participatory research programs for understanding and solving Health, Environmental, Social and Humanitarian issues.

Position Description and Missions: 

As a growing organization, having a Communications & Social Media Strategist is a crucial role to help us reach our target audiences and effectively and strategically communicate the mission and vision of JOGL. This position will collaborate closely with organization leadership and will need to possess the ability to improve our existing methods and efforts to grow JOGL’s public awareness and develop our organization’s identity. 

Some of the key responsibilities include:

  • Co-develop a creative and engaging social media engagement strategy for JOGL 
  • Manage the day-to-day handling of all social media channels, adapting content and goals to suit different audiences and purposes 
  • Develop, launch and manage new competitions, campaigns, and/or other efforts to promote JOGL, Open Science and Innovation
  • Create communications plans for various activities on JOGL such as events, talks, funding rounds and launches
  • Form key relationships with open innovation influencers and networks
  • Undertake audience research and monitor, track, analyse and report on performance on social media platforms using tools like Google Analytics and Data Studio 
  • Manage and facilitate social media communities by responding to social media posts and developing discussions
  • Collaborate with designers to create a collection of illustrations and media assets for newsletters and social media posts 
  • Animate JOGL’s social media and communications presence during events 

Skills Required

  • Proven work experience as a social media manager, experience writing newsletter or blogs is a plus
  • Familiarity with how to utilize graphic design as an effective way to communicate, familiarity with using Canva or another graphic design software is a plus
  • Up to date knowledge of best practices to grow social media audiences and increase engagement levels 
  • Excellent copywriting skills and mastery of the English language, familiarity with French or a secondary language is a plus 
  • Interested in science communication and able to translate complex innovation projects into exciting wordbites that are understandable to a wide audience 

Background Required

  • Prior experience creating and implementing a successful social media campaign or similar effort from the ground up
  • Prior experience managing or developing strategy/plans for communications and marketing for other forms of media (i.e. Company Newsletters, Website Copy, etc.) 
  • Prior experience Creativity, motivation, and problem-solving abilities to analyze low-performing social media/communications efforts and develop solutions to improve

As a young startup, JOGL looks for individuals passionate about our mission, possess perseverance and enjoy problem-solving above all else. Joining JOGL provides unique challenges as well as many opportunities for growth, professional development, learning and leadership. 

In this position, you will be joining a global team composed of the organization’s co-founders, a development team, communications team, and program managers. Visit our website for a full team description. At JOGL, skills and motivation are worth more than diplomas!

You are: 

  • Motivated​! You like the idea of contributing to the emergence of a new model of participatory research and innovation.
  • Autonomous​! You have organisational skills and you like to take initiatives. You have the ability to choose which is the best way to achieve goals.
  • Curious​! You are innovative, creative and constantly looking for ways to improve your work.
  • Organized​! You know how to organize your own work and resources as well as others’.
  • Efficient​! You are able to work in a timely manner, with short deadlines and imperatives.
  • Decisive! You are a strong decision maker, able to clearly communicate your opinions with others.
  • Problem Solver! You enjoy finding solutions and resolving issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Collaborative​! You are able to work in a team and are able to communicate with people without technical knowledge.

Bottom line: Be ready for an extraordinary adventure! Every team member at JOGL plays a significant role in shaping the working environment and direction our organization takes. We invite you to join our journey and hope you are excited to gain valuable experience learning about digital culture, tech for good, open data-big data and open science!

How to apply?

Fill out this form including attachments of your CV and a portfolio of your past work in social media along with a sample of your writing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team at

How to apply?
Fill out the form including attachments of your CV and a portfolio of your past work in social media along with a sample of your writing. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team at
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  • Posted on 02-16-2021
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