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Social mission

makesense brings together and supports engaged citizens, passionate entrepreneurs and forward-looking organizations to collectively tackle today’s social and environmental issues.

Job description


makesense brings together and supports engaged citizens, passionate entrepreneurs and forward-looking organizations to collectively tackle today’s social and environmental issues.

We help different stakeholders unlock their potential to create positive impact through customized pathways of engagement. For citizens, we offer ways to learn and take action. For entrepreneurs, we offer programs to help strengthen their projects. For organizations, we offer programs to innovate and transform their practices.

In 10 years, we have supported 6,000 entrepreneurs, 250,000 citizens and 200 organizations.

makesense is developed by a team of 80+ people in 8 offices around the world: Paris, Mexico, Dakar, Manila, Beyrouth, Lima, Delhi and Abidjan.

At MakeSense, we have been building since 2010 a team of talented people who are passionate about social innovation, citizen engagement and systemic change and wish to use their skills to solve the most pressing challenges of our society.

Who we are ?

makesense​ is a rapidly growing community of citizens, social innovations, and forward-thinking organisations building local solutions for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Our mission is to inspire and empower all these actors to build an inclusive and sustainable society together. We experiment on a daily basis new organizational models that put responsibility, autonomy, and benevolence at the heart of our interactions. Impact is the fuel of all our actions. We love to learn and share, everywhere and all the time. Like our community, all the challenges we identify turn into solutions built collectively.

Our concrete expertises :

-INSPIRE : we inspire citizens about social innovation and collective action to solve our society’s issues

-ENGAGE : we engage citizens to take action and support multiple projects using their skills, creativity and networks. We train them to be agents of change and take part in building the solutions

-ACCELERATE : we support entrepreneurs and organizations create entrepreneurial and collaborative projects and accelerate their projects-development and impact

-COLLABORATE : as we need everyone to overcome the challenges, we make all local actors collaborate to generate a collective impact

And in the Philippines?

We have been active in the Philippines for more than 5 years now. Our beautiful team has been supporting the development of more than 100 impact organizations that provide concrete support to more than 55,000 people every day. Moreover, one of our key mojo is to encourage and help the Asia youth volunteer and advocate for the causes they matter for. So far, we were able to engage more than 5,000 people in 13 countries in Asia with our youth leadership programs.

Some of our partners we worked with in Asia are: UNDP, WWF, Citi Foundation, Ashoka, ADB, Asia Foundation, Sanofi, Decathlon, Cisco, Asian Institute of Management, The French Embassy of Hong Kong, AIESEC, etc…

Currently the team is composed of 10 incredible talents: 8 Filipinos and 2 French people who are running the following programs:

  • MKS Studio: The Asia content creation branch of makesense which has for mission to provide inspiring and educational contents such as podcasts, videos, articles etc… to encourage a monthly audience of more than 150,000 young individuals every month to join the impact movement
  • MKS school: a training program initiating people to be part of the ecological and social transition
  • Re_Action: an online program born out of the Covid-19 crisis enabling anyone to volunteer from home and help local communities get back on track (post lockdown) by providing access to basic services
  • MKS Incubation: a program supporting the creation of social startups in the Philippines and the collaboration between these brand new startups and the local ecosystem of NGOs, corporates and institutions engaged on similar causes to answer the lack of existing solutions fighting inequalities and climate change

Job description

As a Systems Thinking Manager of Makesense Philippines, your role will be to co-design the vision and strategy of the hub, build new tools and methodologies enabling a better access to youth engagement and systemic collaborations, and finally co-facilitate our incubation and social innovation programs. You will work hand in hand with Makesense Philippines Development Director and our Incubation Director both based in Manila.

> Run our short-term incubation and thematic programs (50%)

  • Co-design and improve with the operational team our programs & projects bringing to the ground our vision
  • Ensure qualitative delivery of our programs & fields projects
  • Prepare, coordinate and facilitate the programs

> Support the Incubation Director operate and constantly improve the incubation program (30%)

  • Coordinate the support provided by the different partner-mentors with the incubated social entrepreneurs.
  • Lead weekly operational meetings and monthly strategic follow-ups for each incubated social startups.
  • Coordinate, organize and roll out qualitative training sessions with industry experts fitting the entrepreneur’s needs.
  • Create a batch spirit and a strong sense of belonging to makesense entrepreneurs family
  • Promote Incubated social entrepreneurs through open-to-all event, and media releases.

> Build tools & methodologies to always adapt our support to the evolving needs of the entrepreneurs (20%)

  • Benchmark innovative tools and methodologies that could support our entrepreneurs and other beneficiaries.
  • Build, improve, and test new innovation, systemic change and behaviour change tools and methodologies.
  • Coordinate with the global makesense incubation team to enable everybody to benefit from your creations, and support the improvement of our methodologies internationally

Is this job for you? Well, let’s see!

More than any specific skills, we are most of all looking for an individual passionate about and who believes in the power of collective action, systemic change and social innovation! However, there are other skills and qualities that we believe would make an extremely strong candidate and that we’ll be looking for:

Your profile:

●  You love helping social entrepreneurs and are ready to put all your energy in the development of their social startups.

●  You master the topic of systemic change and entrepreneurship.

●  You have at least 3 years of experience managing complex projects involving different kinds of players such as corporates, public and international institutions, NGOs, startups and many more.

●  You are both fluent in English and Filipino, any other language is an asset (especially Filipino languages).

●  You have strong organizational skills, lots of autonomy, and an ability to work in an international team with a multicultural context.

●  You have the soul of a leader. Your teammates and friends can easily rely on you.

●  You don’t mind working with flexible hours: events happen in the evening or weekends, but on the flipside, you will be free to organize your schedule in a very independent, though responsible, way.

What would make you an outstanding candidate:

You already have a consistent and successful track record working in an entrepreneurship program, a design studio/agency, an accelerator/incubator, a training institute, as a startup founder or any other organization in the field of innovation/systemic change.

●  You are very comfortable with public speaking. Workshop facilitation has no secret for you.

●  You have a strong sense of empathy and you are often praised for your interpersonal skills.

●  You are level-headed when facing complex situations and are used to solve challenges efficiently.

●  You are confident and convincing. There is no challenge that is too big for you.

●  You are always willing to learn more; for you, giving and receiving feedback is key building healthy teams.

How to apply?
We're excited to read your application! Please submit, before Oct 20, 2020, your resume and cover letter to Léa: by answering the following questions: Why do you want to join full time the makesense family? What excites you in the position of Systems Thinking Manager? What can you bring to makesense? What do you expect from makesense? For any questions, please email Lea Salary (and benefits) starts from 45,000php/month and depends on the profile and experience of the candidate.
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