Part-time Finance and Operations Manager - Bruxelles

Long term
Bruxelles, Belgique
Posted on 06-24-2020

Positive Money

Positive Money Europe (PMEU) is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to make the money and banking system support a fair, democratic and sustainable economy.

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Positive Money Europe is looking for a part-time Finance and Operations Manager to oversee the organisation’s finances and operations, and develop systems to support its continued expansion.

Since Positive Money Europe was launched in May 2018, we have created a strong and diverse network of experts, politicians, and influencers who want to support our mission to make the money and banking system support a fair, democratic and sustainable economy. We are the leading campaign group scrutinising the activities of the European Central Bank (ECB) and running campaigns on a range of proposals in the field of Eurozone governance and monetary policy. We have established ourselves as a credible advocacy group on topics related to the ECB. We provide regular comments in the media (including Reuters, Bloomberg, Le Monde and the Financial Times). Through our work with Members of the European Parliament, we have successfully pushed the European Central Bank to take climate change seriously and to start looking at alternative policies.

We’re looking for a highly efficient dedicated manager to oversee and manage all aspects of our finances, HR and operations, and work closely with the Executive Director to support them on all resourcing matters. 

 As Positive Money Europe is still a quite new organisation, this is an exciting opportunity for a capable finance and operations professional to join us in our early stages, shape the internal systems that will sustain the organisation for years to come, and facilitate its continued growth. As Positive Money Europe is still small, the role is part-time, but if the organisation continues to grow at its current rapid rate we envision it could become a full-time role in time.