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Social mission

The LP4Y Alliance is a network of 18 local organizations dedicated to the professional and social insertion of excluded Young Adults (17-24) living in extreme poverty.

Job description


The LP4Y Alliance is a network of 18 local organizations dedicated to the professional and social insertion of excluded Young Adults (17-24) living in extreme poverty. The Alliance currently operates in 12 different countries.

In teams of 17, the Young Adults gain hands-on experience in developing microeconomic activities as part of a 9-month training period within Life Project Centers. This is followed by 3 months of professional integration. 

Over the past 10 years LP4Y has created 44 programs operating out of 22 Life Project Centers, always close to slum areas in large cities as Manila, Cebu, Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, Calauan, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, New-Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Raipur, Chennai, Kathmandu, Yangon, and Dhaka. Currently, there are 105 volunteers in Asia working with 700 Young Adults contributing to the development of their country.



Contract: VSI - Volontariat de Solidarité Internationale

Possible location: Philippines, to work on South East Asia zone: Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam, or base in India to work on South Asia zone: India, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh

The Project Leader Partnership Development is responsible for deploying the global strategic partnership development plan in the zone he is responsible for.

  • The PL PD supports volunteers, coaches & supports, in taking into account their own projects of development of partnerships but also in their inclusion in a broader plan at the level of the city or the country where they are.
  • The PL PD oversees the effective deployment of the action plan,
  • The PL PD in coordination with the communication team, builds solid partnerships, develops and updates the tools to enroll them in the long term and allows them to widen the field of jobs possible for the Youth. If necessary, the PL PD helps to orient the Youth towards identified opportunities.
  • The PL PD ensures the empowerment of volunteers in building partnerships, and their good knowledge of the LP4Y tools existing on the LP4Y extranet.
  • The PL PD works in close collaboration with the Project Leader Entrepreneurship in charge of developing the quality of follow-up by the coaches of the Entrepreneurship phase for all Youth.
  • The PL PD in collaboration with the project leader Entrepreneurship, the country coordinators and the event assistant is the pilot of projects such as YIN, job forums, etc.

The missions, which last 13 months renewable, will appeal to candidates who are passionate about partnership development, having already acquired previous experience in the field, preferably. Successful candidates will be open, dynamic and enterprising, and looking for an opportunity to develop their character and skills in a multi-cultural context. They will also enjoy transmitting their skills with humor, enthusiasm, and will be keen team players, committed to making a real difference in the field. Fluent English is required. 

Now recruiting for February 2020.

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