Software engineer

Posted on 02-07-2018

Solaris Offgrid

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What’s the job?
We are looking for a software engineer to join our team in providing solar energy for rural homes of sub-Saharan Africa. We make hardware and management software that allowed us to give electricity to more than 8000 people in Tanzania, adding hundreds more every month and we hope to do a lot more with an extra person onboard.

We are looking for:
Smart people
... who are software engineers
... and are excited to learn new things
... who are independent
... and work well with others

It’s best if you already know Python and have some practical software architecture and database design experience. It’s also better if you also have experience in Agile, TDD and DevOps. Bonus points if you also like UI/UX design or data mining.

If you’re missing some of that and think you still have the chops, we say go for it.