Posted on 05-13-2016

La Guilde Européenne du Raid (The European Guild)

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The purpose of the mission is to participate in the promotion and development of European Volunteer Projects, in particular:

- The implementation of the project "Volunteering in Humanitarian Aid", which brings together 9 European countries in order to facilitate the exchange of good practice on humanitarian volunteerism.

- The development of the "EU Aid Volunteers" initiative, which supports the project and which foresees the creation of a European humanitarian voluntary corps.


The notions of engagement, volunteerism, and inter-culturality, will be of great significance to the 2 civic service volunteers recruited. Their mission will be to contribute to the activities developed within the project and to be of support to the participating European actors. They will exchange with the staff, as well as with the other project partners and civic service volunteers, thereby enhancing the spirit of European citizenship among project participants.

The volunteers will indeed be part of a European group of civic service volunteers of different nationalities, participating in the initiative in France, Italy, UK, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Slovenia, and Latvia. This experiment aims at creating links between project partners, in an environment of intercultural and multilingual exchange.

The 2 volunteers will function as a team and will support the daily management and the communication of the project.


Activities will be: 

Mission 1 (September 2016 - August 2017):

  • Sharing information with partners and general partnership coordination
  • Help with the animation of the civic service volunteers' network within the European partner organisations of the project, with the possibility to visit those organisations
  • Help with the organisation and logistics of special events (all-partner meetings over several days)
  • Assistance with the production of a booklet on international volunteerism (security, health and safety, mentoring, inter-culturality, etc)


Mission 2 (November 2016 - August 2017):

  • Help with promotion and communications activities, related to the project specifically and to European programs generally
  • Help with the organisation of communications events (photo/video exhibition)
  • Production of mini photo documentaries, conducting interviews and drafting articles
  • Information publication: web, social media, etc.


Training: the civic service volunteers will have the possibility to participate in several training programs on volunteer program management, project building and fundraising, in addition the civic training and first aid training offered to all civic service volunteers.



  • Weekly workload: 35h
  • Mission location: 75008 Paris, France
  • Monthly Civic Service allowance: 467€ from the State + 106,31€ from the project
  • Required work languages: English and French


IMPORTANT: Candidates must be between 18 and 25 years.  

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