Campaigner FoodWatch ( Man/Woman )

Posted on 09-11-2015


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Foodwatch is an independent non-profit organisation that exposes food-industry practices that are not in the interests of consumers. Foodwatch fights for the right of consumers to know exactly what they are buying and to enjoy good food that is healthy and uncontaminated.

Foodwatch was founded in 2002 in Germany by ex-Greenpeace director Thilo Bode. Its mission is to build a strong, European campaign organisation that is represented in all major EU Member States and that provides consumer-focused input into European legislative processes, advocating for Consumer Rights.

  • Lead investigations on the agri-food industrie’s practices.
  • Identify and solve problems in order to suggest solutions.
  • Reveal misleading advertisements
  • Influence the political sphere on agri-food issues.
  • Mobilize and inform consumers about the agri-food industrie’s practices.

In order to increase its action in France, Foodwatch is looking for its Campaigner (Man/Woman).


In a narrow collaboration with the CEO, the Campaigner will be missioned on the Communication, on French campaigns, and on externals relations.

This work needs :

  • A perfect international background, and abilities in cross cultural communication. Understanding of the Europeanlegislative environment, and knowing of an NGO’s international network.
  • great overview of the French institutional sphere, as well as the journalistic, the scientific and the activist environment.

Ability to lead and set up national campaigns
  • Significant experience on leading a campaign or rallying the public opinion on a subject .
  • Ability to reach challenging objectives, and to define a global strategy.
  • Sharpen sense of the public opinion, and its dynamics.
Communication and influence facilities 
  • Excellent capability to popularized any document.
  • Great synthetic assets in French and English.
  • Ability to lead in speech in front of an assembly or in the medias.
  • Deep knowledge of the French and European legislative process.
  • Capability to lead a speech with high level discussion partners (Scientists, Journalists, Politicians, Industrials…)
Good knowledge of the agri-food’s world
  • Ability to treat a wide range of subjects linked with the agri-food’s industry.
  • Knowledge of scientific norms, and capacity to cooperate with international scientists and experts.
Results-oriented approach 

Ability to analys an NGO’s campaign on a qualitative and quantitative approach. A test will be done during the interview.

International working background 

Bilingual in French and English.

Foodwatch’s spirit

  • Involvement in favor of a socio-political cause.
  • Strong adhesion to the Foodwatch project.
  • Job located in Paris (+National & International mobility)
  • Wage : based upon the profile of the applicant. Talents are rewarded.

Only resumes in English will be considered.

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