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Gold of Bengal

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Job description

Gold of Bengal aims at developing the use of jute natural fiber in composite applications as an alternative to glass fiber and to diversify the Bangladeshi industry.

  • To lead research and development on jute fibers and reinforcements, agro-composites and processes to generate technical, economic and environmental viable innovations
  • To ensure the technology transfer to local jute manufacturers and composite industrials 
  • To lead and active promotion and education both internationally and locally to open new markets and launch our products 

    On going :  

    • In 2015 Gold of Bengal is coming with a Bangladeshi partner-manufacturer, CPHD, to launch the commercial development of its first innovation: the Pàt, a special fabric designed for composite applications. The goal: to transfer this technology while launching the production and the distribution.  
    • In parallel, GOB, carries out  R&D missions and prototyping  for international buyers. 

    2. Mission: Sales and marketing development 

    The mission is focusing 75% on the commercial development of the Pat product and 25% on the commercial development of the JUTE LAB program.  You will have to:

    a. Ensure the Pàt sales
    • Actualization of the sales strategy (to understand the product, market organization and needs, to target the buyers and to work on the commercial pitch)  and to conduct outlets prospection 
    • Clients'projects follow-up ( understand technical needs, identify adapted product, advice on the process and communication ) 
    • Orders  monitoring (gather orders and relay them to the production team, ensure the payment and make the follow-up!...) 
    b. Lead the promotion of the JUTE LAB program and products
    • Actualization of the promotion tools (brochure, web, news letter) 
    • Representation during showrooms, conferences...
    • Press relations
    c. Extend partnerships of the JUTE LAB 
    • Identify markets and R&D trends 
    • Target and approach futur partnerships (research, communication, industrial development...)

    The mission will be shaped by the project progress and  your initiatives! 

    4. Requirements to apply

    a. Professional skills: 

    • Previous experience in sales and marketing or entrepreneurship project
    • Fluent in English 
    How to apply?
    For more information > check and www.facebook.jutedoit > send cv and cover letters to
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    • Posted on 06-23-2015
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