Research and Development Assistant (RDA)

Posted on 04-16-2014

Gawad Kalinga

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The 2014 Research and Development Assistant can be based anywhere in the world and will work directly with the GK United Kingdom country representative and academic advisor team to develop case‐studies, research, and contribute to the development of the external website and internal online knowledge management system. The primary role of the RDA is to aid in the research process and writing driven by the GK Europe academic team; additionally, other exciting priority initiatives may arise. 



  • Case  Study  Development:  Support  academic  team  in   publishing  suite  of  case  studies  on  GK  social  enterprises  and   organizational  development.  Note - there  is  opportunity  for   RDA  to  propose  independent  authoring  of  relevant  subject   matter.
  • GK  Europe  Curriculum  Development:  Collaborate  with  director   and  academic  team  to  generate  an  inventory  of    relevant   readings,  videos,  content  (etc)  that  can  be  uploaded  on  the   external  GK  academic  website.
  • Organizational  Development:  serve  as  the  central  organizer  of   the  internal  ‘online  management  system’  that  is  currently   under  initial  development.  Note  that  the  GK  team  leverages   cloud  based  technology  and  that  use  of  googledocs  is  a   plus.


    *In  collaboration  with  the  GK  Europe  Team,  the  RDA  will   help  support  the  following  processes­ (this  is  a  high-­level  overview   only).  The  team  is  happy  to  explore  opportunities  proposed  by  the  RDA 

    APRIL/MAY: Transcribe  audio  interviews  from  4  conducted  in  the  field  with  social   entrepreneurs  from  Februar; Co-­develop  Internal  Management   System  (IMS); Collaborate  with  academic  team  to   provide  first  draft  of  case  study   related  to  topic  of  choice and assist  with  the  launch  and  publishing of case-­studies on external academic site

    JUNE: Assist with the launch and  publishing of case-­studies  on  external   academic  site

    JULY:  Assist  with  curriculum  development

    AUGUST: Wrap  up  independent  projects


    The  ideal  candidate  will:

  • be passionate about the goals of GK and excited to contribute to the academic field
  • have  undergraduate/graduate  experience  in  international relations,  sustainable  development, organizational development or relevant areas
  • be self-­starting and entrepreneurial in approach to working with a fast paced, multi-­task oriented team
  • have familiarity and experience with google site/docs, ‘Strikingly’ and other online web development  programs
  • possess a track record of accomplished project delivery
  • be an excellent communicator and academic writer