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40000 - 90000€ (Annual)
Posted on 11-22-2021


Gymglish souhaite offrir une éducation numérique plus efficace aux étudiants du monde entier, une expérience utilisateur plus engageante et une meilleure rétention des connaissances.

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Fondée en 2004, Gymglish propose des cours de langues en ligne ‘fun’ et personnalisés. Nos objectifs : la motivation, l’assiduité et les progrès nos apprenants.

Nos formations sont utilisées par plus de 6 millions d’utilisateurs dans le monde, 6 000 entreprises et 100 écoles de langues et universités partenaires.

L’équipe est composée d’une 50aine de personnes (ingénieurs, commerciaux, professeurs, éditeurs, etc.) avec 17 nationalités représentées et plus de 20 langues parlées !

🌱 Notre entreprise se veut militante en faveur de nos valeurs européennes et inclusives. Nous travaillons à faciliter l’accès à l’éducation, veillons à l’équité pour nos salariés, clients, partenaires et fournisseurs et essayons - à notre humble échelle - de limiter notre impact sur l’environnement. 👉 En savoir plus sur nous et nos engagements :

🌱 How we work

The backend code is mostly written in Python and runs using Django with lots of workers for all background work. The state is stored in MySQL (MariaDB), and finally, everything runs on Linux with Ansible to automate everything while Sentry helps us with error management.

We use libraries like Angular, React Native, Bootstrap and tools like Github, Jenkins, Sentry, JIRA, Google Apps, Grunt, Less, etc.

Our services have tens of thousands of active users to whom we send thousands of lessons and corrections each day. That is why we place emphasis on quality, testing, and code-review of all our code. We have a pretty big codebase (more than 1.2 million lines in Python), and we have to feel comfortable about navigating and progressively improving them. Sometimes, however, we gotta get dirty and figure out why the DB is slow or how to successfully retry a failing API request, etc…

⭐️ How we can work together

We have a strong preference for developers passionate about creating products and solving problems, who are not afraid to rapidly obtain responsibilities and who are able to work autonomously.

By joining us:

  • You’ll be able to tackle high-impact projects.
  • Design, build, and maintain APIs, services, and systems across our teams
  • Work with engineers across the company to build new features at large-scale
  • Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes

Want to know more? Read the following articles if you want to know:


We are looking for engineers with experience to help us develop existing and future products: specification, architecture, development, testing and deployment.

You would be a good fit for Gymglish if the below points sound like you:

  • A developer passionate about creating products and solving problems.
  • Very good Python and general programming skills.
  • Good knowledge of Linux, HTML/CSS and Javascript.
  • Very good and clear communication (oral and written) in English and/or French.
  • Self-driven and keen on learning new things.

Nice to have:

  • Experience or interest in design, usability and ergonomy.
  • Experience or interest in Linux administration.
  • Experience or interest in mobile application development (iOS, Android, React Native).
  • at least one good joke
  • a love of plants, fun socks and scotch tape (we can’t find ours)

Company Perks & Benefits:

  • 💰 Competitive salary : The salary range will vary from €40k and €90k (depending on profile and seniority)
  • 💻 Remote setup bonus: 500€ payed one-shot
  • 🏖 Holidays: included directly in the salary (up to 30 days of non-work possible, no questions asked - with two weeks notice).
  • 😍 Invitations for team events (Every year we organize a company-wide summit and an epic party)
  • 🏢 Up to twice a year, you can come to Paris with Gymglish paying the trip + expenses of 700 € per week.
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