Junior consultant in sustainable transformation of the fashion and luxury industries.

Paris, France
Partial remote possible
Posted on 10-15-2021
Start : octobre 2021
This job is no longer available.


Être les artisans créateurs d'impact positif pour engendrer une transformation environnementale et sociale systémique

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Our mission:

In 2020, it has become impossible to ignore the call for more social and environmental justice. ethiwork believes that all stakeholders have the power and the duty to answer the call and become impact plugs.

This is why we work everyday with profits, non-profits and individuals to design, implement and communicate their commitments.

What we do:

- Define singular and sustainable purpose for companies: internal and external audit, KPI setting and measurement strategy, learning expeditions and board engagement…

- Ground their purpose into actions: young Impact leader incubation program, impact and CSR labs, Tactical approach for implementation, non-profit and key stakeholders meeting plans…

- Engage and impact stakeholders: Podcasts and web series, rethink job descriptions, training plan for existing jobs and new positions, white papers...

What you will do:

- Participate in pitching and delivering the company consulting missions mostly with clients in the fashion and luxury industries

- Contribute to the development and visibility of the company (editorial communication)Take part in the craft of a podcast serie on sustainable luxury (preparation of the interviews, editorial around the episodes, manage the marketing strategy of the podcast).

Skills requested:

- Fluency in french and english

- Good presentation and analytical skills

- Creativity and empowerment

- Strong Interest in sustainability and corporate social responsibility

- Interested in entrepreneurship and consulting



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