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Hello Tomorrow


Today, a new wave of progress is beginning, based on major technological and scientific advances.

Autonomous cars, cancer treatments, 3D printed organs, collaborative robots and much more.

At Hello Tomorrow, we identify  startups developing ground-breaking deep-tech innovations cutting across major environmental and societal challenges, transforming our lives. Their projects are based on technologies that have great promise for the future but which require several years of R & D. This increases the needs and challenges facing startups: large capital investment, expertise and special talent, support for industrial applications and marketing strategies for their innovations.

It is a matter of urgency therefore that favorable conditions be created to support deeptech entrepreneurs and accelerate technology transfer.

We are looking for a Startup Community Manager who will help us find these deeptech solutions and get them faster from lab-to-market by highlighting, empowering and connecting startups across the globe with the right enablers.


We are a global non-profit on a mission to unlock the potential of deep-technologies to solve the world's most pressing issues. We bring together a community of actors who believe that science and advanced technology can contribute to shaping a better future.

We accelerate the transfer of breakthrough technologies into real world solutions by

  • Creating a global actionable network for deep-tech entrepreneurs by facilitating collaboration between entrepreneurs, industry and investors aiming to make breakthrough innovation an everyday reality.

  • Helping corporates and public authorities to understand the potential of advanced technologies and to help them build collaborations with deep-tech startups.

  • Providing key knowledge and expertise to researchers and early-stage entrepreneurs.

Since 2011, we have been sourcing projects that create lasting impact through organising competitions worldwide, culminating with our Global Challenge, the most exclusive worldwide competition gathering 3,500 deep tech entrepreneurs from 120 countries each year. Over the course of a year, we want to help them bring their solutions from lab-to-market faster by highlighting, empowering and connecting them with the right enablers across the globe (larger corporations, investors, incubators and accelerators, experts, mentors…).

In order to do so we organize exclusive events in several countries, our flagship event being the Global Summit. Now in its fourth year, the Global Summit brings together over 3000 scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and industry representatives to bring disruptive deep-tech innovations to life. Hello Tomorrow relies on a vibrant worldwide community. Our local presence through local hubs  worldwide is crucial to understanding local challenges, identifying local entrepreneurs, and promoting and connecting them with international innovation networks. In 2016 Hello Tomorrow Ambassadors developed our local hubs in 7 countries around the world. In 2018, we are launching 7 new hubs and diversifying the activities organized locally.

Our Startup Community Journey

  • First we identify the most promising deeptech projects worldwide

Every year, we source the most promising projects through competitions worldwide (Local Challenges) culminating with our Global Challenge, the most exclusive worldwide competition gathering 3,500 deep tech entrepreneurs from 120 countries each year. We avoid pointless apps and social media analytics tools here — we prefer flying cars, a lighting tool to stop over-fishing, a tactile tablet for blind people or a company using all the waste coconut husks to build sustainable logistics pallets. Projects that actually makes the world a better place. There are at least 3 rounds to select finalists startups and it involves a different jury at each step. We evaluate each project on the technical aspects, the market, the team and the potential impact of the project. With the help of a panel of scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and influential industry partners, adhering to strict criteria, we select 500 projects with potential for strong long-term impact from over 3,500 startup candidates in 10 Challenge Tracks, each in a different industry.

  • What do we bring them ?

After conducting an analysis of deeptech startups (1700 applications from 2017 Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge), we concluded that their main needs to be covered are: funding, market access, visibility, business & tech expertise.

Therefore we aim at providing them with:

  • Funding: A €100K Grand Prize (for the best early-stage startup- Equity free, no strings attached). €15K track Prizes (for the best early-stage startup in each track - Equity free, no strings attached). Access to the yearly Investor Day that we organize (for the best 50 startups of each track. A full day of one-on-one meetings with more than 200 leading international investors - Seed & Series A).

  • Visibility: Keynotes on the main stage of the Global Summit (for the best series A Startups). Meetings and articles with media. Worldwide publication of the TOP 500 best startups worldwide. Showcasing of their product in a dedicated room. Pitch sessions in front of a curated audience.

  • Connections: Access to the Global Summit (meetings with hundreds of C-level industrial leaders, deeptech VCs, Post-doc and technical experts etc.)

  • The main challenge: keeping track of our startup community and provide them with continuous value before, during and after competitions.

It’s hard to follow more than 500 startups all over the world. So of course we try to monitor them as best as we can and we’re developing new tools to keep the community together after the events so that there is a real feeling of community and that startups also stay in touch with one another. As of today, we mostly stay in touch with the ones that succeed the most, because they update us about their new projects and we try to promote them and carry on connecting them with the right stakeholders. But much more can be done from building tailor-made networking tools for them to sharing extensive content to give them more visibility.

Reporting to the Managing Directors, your day-to-day will look like the following:

Management of our Global Challenge (with the support of an intern)

  • Improvement of our value proposition for startups.

  • Definition of the Global Challenge categories with our Industry Partners.

  • Setting-up partnerships with incubators & universities worldwide to ensure a qualitative regular sourcing.

  • Gathering a network of volunteers and/or curators worldwide helping out with the sourcing.

  • Putting in place and launching the application form and the application platform (proprietary to HT).

  • (Potentially) Organize pre-regional steps of the competition.

  • Organization of the juries and selection process.

  • Supporting Startups before, during and after the competition (how to apply? How to pitch? etc.)

  • Organization of the pitching sessions and the Jury during the Global Summit.

  • Organization of startup showcases during the Global Summit.

  • Organization of the logistics & processes to invite the startups to our events

Management of Local Challenges

  • Supporting our Ambassadors to organize their local competitions, the Local Challenges (providing advice, guidelines and support).

Community building

  • Defining, launching and animating our “Alumni” Community with previous HT Winners.

  • Building supporting tools, networks and events ideas for deep-tech startups (connections with potential mentors, exerts, corporates, VCs, incubators & accelerators)
  • Taking part in strategic discussions and decisions to build a Deeptech Community (going beyond the startups).

Improvement and maximisation of our value proposition for startups

  • Constantly reflect on deeptech startups needs and how our activities could support them.
  • Putting in place partnerships with incubators or other interesting facilities to give fast-track access to the startups from our network.
  • Launch new ideas on how to generate value to startups attending our events our participating in our competitions.


  • You are deeply fascinated by and passionate about science, technologies and innovation.

  • You have a technical, scientific or engineering background.

  • You read about deep tech and entrepreneurship, quite a lot.

  • You’re VERY well organized and rigorous.

  • You’re willing to take initiatives.

  • You’re very curious.

  • You have a strong willingness to work collaboratively with other team members as well.

  • You have a strong belief in getting things done!

Your talents!

  • Business Development skills (ability to define a value proposition, sell an innovative service, and implement a marketing campaign)

  • Good understanding of the deeptech ecosystem ( in particular deeptech startups needs as well as incubators needs

  • Ability to manage long-term projects (demonstrable experience of project management practices)

  • Good understanding of scientific, engineering and/or technical subjects.

  • Proven communication and negotiation skills

  • Native English Speaker or fully fluent in English (knowledge in French would be a plus)

  • Fluency in G Suite (Gmail, Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets, etc.)

  • Experience in building long-term partnerships is a PLUS

  • Experience in organizing startup competitions is a PLUS

What we offer?

  • Salary, depending on profile, because passion doesn’t pay your rent

  • An opportunity to discover cutting-edge technologies to solve real-world problems,  as well as the greatest minds in deep tech!

  • A team that is passionate, creative, impact driven, and at the top of their game

  • A fast-paced, international, interdisciplinary, inspiring, and collaborative work environment

  • Last but not least... the Parisian life! (Open-space office environment in the heart of Paris)

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