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Accounting, legal and financial expertise dedicated to ESS organisations. AT FINACOOP Unique in France, FINACOOP is the first SCIC accounting expertise.

Business expertise is a key issue for any economic activity, we agree. But this is an area that also deserves to be questioned about its way of undertaking and its social purpose.  Having at heart to regain spaces of collective action, the members of FINACOOP have, then, made the choice to turn to the Cooperative Society of Collective Interest (SCIC). In fact, FINACOOP’s activity goes beyond accounting alone and consciously encompasses all facets of an US manager:

Governance of a shared social utility project

Human management of resources 

Social dimension of the economic model 

Short and long-term participatory and solidarity finance 

Evolution of EHS law 

Socio-digital uses in Commons 

Production of general interest via utility, impact, social innovation 

Ethical communication 

Meeting with a strong recreational dimension

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