10 podcasts to shed light on your quest for meaning at work

You're in the middle of questioning... Whether you're unemployed or employed, you feel like you're missing out... are you missing something? A hitch? You don't know what... An obvious thing then becomes obvious to you. YOU ARE LOST.…

Eh yes ! you are "into it"! THE SEARCH FOR MEANING at work. This search for meaning can even spill over into your personal life… Where am I? What do I do ? and in what condition am I wandering? …Yes it’s a shelf we’re talking about, or maybe a box? How to get out? Finding meaning in his action... Your brain is buzzing and you don't know where to start. Rest assured, you are not alone! Witness the plethora of podcasts.

You're lost - opt for the essential podcast


Paumé·es is above all a community created by Makesense. Paumé·es events are an opportunity to share feelings of loneliness and reconnect with lost people. Paumé·es is also a podcast that offers interviews with lost people, whether in their quest for meaning at work, in their transition, in their choices or their contradictions... Do you hear the echo? Paumé·es resonates with our own questions and our own contradictions. So, do you feel a little less alone or even more lost?

You are in search of yourself… choose

Du coeur à l'ouvrage - by Bloom'r (5 episodes–10 minutes to 1 hour)

Or how to identify your needs to flourish at work

Noémie from Bloom’r gives us some keys, “avenues for reflection and action without injunction, without pressure”. A “coaching” podcast that sows “seeds that [we can] choose whether or not to harvest and sow”.

The first episode invites us to question the notion of "meaning" that is specific to each person in their work. “What matters is that you define what you aspire to and that you define what you need to achieve it”. We have been warned! The solution to our "paumitude" would therefore be within us.

A quest for existence? – go for the excellent show

Donner du sens à sa vie : les clés de la psychologie existentielle – by la tête au carré, France Inter, 2019 (54 minutes – introduction and from the 15th minute)

Where we discover that this quest for meaning is also a scientific question and that finding meaning in one's life contributes to one's psychic well-being and therefore to one's physiological well-being. If you long to find your own meaning and are in search of authenticity or are facing a conflict of values, this podcast is for you! (I recommend the show in general, it's a good opportunity to expand your general scientific knowledge and better understand the world around us).

The melting ice gives you cold sweats and not taking ecological growth horrifies you – opt for the podcast

Présages (21 épisodes - 40 minutes to 1 hour)

"Omens is the podcast that questions the state of our world, the risks of the collapse of our industrial civilization and the ways to prepare to live differently. Alexia Soyeux goes to meet researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, committed people who are each aware of the immensity of the upheavals in progress and to come. Among them, the fascinating ones: Emilie Hache (philosopher, lecturer at the University of Nanterre, works on political ecology), Pablo Servigne (researcher, co-author with Raphael Stevens of the book How everything can collapse ?), Hélène Le Teno (engineer from Ponts et Chaussées, director of the Ecological Transition division of the SOS Group and head of the scientific committee of the association Fermes d'avenir), Bruno David (President of the National Museum of Natural History) and Lamya Essemlali (president of Sea Shepherd France).

The future that we are told is scary, but solutions exist, and these inspiring people show us the way, it is up to us citizens to encourage their steps and why not follow them?

You are familiar with the oxymorons “soft revolution”, “virtuous business”, “human economy”, “social entrepreneurship”; the paradox do not scare you – go for the podcast

Une révolution douce : l'économie sociale et solidaire - LSD, La série documentaire, France Culture 2016 (4 episodes of 55 minutes)

The Social and Solidarity Economy, ESS for close friends, has experienced a resurgence of interest in recent years and has given rise to many vocations.

The documentary series begins with a return to the semantic origin of the ESS. To get there, you might as well know where you're starting from! Then we go to meet social entrepreneurs, teachers, activists, researchers, who work for the general interest or sharing, with concern for the environment and a fairer and more balanced world. There is a recycling center, a collaborative supermarket, a producer of renewable energy, social enterprises allowing social ties or reintegration...

Although five years old, this podcast series provides insight into the range of initiatives that have emerged in recent years. The format of the radio report changes from other podcasts and that's good!

A very informative podcast for your search for meaning at work!

If for you success means doing good around you… – opt for the podcast

Aujourd'hui (19 episodes - 25 minutes to 1 hour)

What is Success? Charlotte Chenevier asks questions and meets actors in society, project leaders who take concrete action today to make the world a better place. She calls them "entrepreneurs of good." She asks them about their approaches, their triggers and their inspirations. Freelance journalist, gynecologist-obstetrician, lawyer, social entrepreneurs… Want to discover them? To your headphones!

Additional: website and podcast HISTOIRES HUMAINES (17 episodes – 2 to 15 minutes )

You thirst for impact... - Opt for the podcast

Impact positif (21 episodes – 40 minutes to 1 hour)

Faced with the climate emergency and social inequalities, journalist Sylvia Amicone also offers to meet actors of change. This is an opportunity to discover, if you don't know them yet, Thomas Huriez (founder of 1083, a new brand of eco-designed jeans in France), Jean Moreau (creator of Phénix), Inès Leonarduzzi (founder of Digital for the Planet) and Mélanie Marcel (creator of SoScience). And to rediscover other more publicized actors of change such as Cyril Dion and Flore Berlingen. Be inspired!

Find other sources of inspiration with the podcast CHANGER LA NORME – by Carenews (episodes of 25 minutes).

You too become an agent of change with

Podcasts from Ticket for Change

The Ticket for change podcast formats are very short. It's very convenient for a short trip! Little is not the enemy of good. Enough to feed his quest for meaning in all circumstances.

Need testimonials of life changes, desire to undertake... - opt for

VÉCUS (55 episodes – 15 minutes)

Intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs, they tell us about their transition journey to become agents of change.

If you've always dreamed of having the life you don't (yet) have... - go for it

ENVOL, in co-production with Europe 1 Studio and Ground Countrol (6 episodes – 15 minutes)

We all dream of one day changing our lives! Some did! Sometimes it is an upheaval in personal life that is at the origin of this change in professional life…

So, not too lost?

I hope this selection will have nourished your quest for meaning, without bordering on indigestion. That it will have inspired you, that the discoveries you will have made through these channels and programs will have given you food for thought. Let all this mature, and you too, do not hesitate to meet actors and actresses of change to further enrich your thinking and take action!