Help, I can't take my bullshit job anymore but I'm not ready to give up!

"But what am I doing in this bullshit job?" ". This is THE existential question that goes round and round in your head from morning to night and to which you despair of ever finding an answer. Every morning you drag your feet to get to work, you're in a slump from being bored to death at your job, you've noticed a striking resemblance between your boss and Cruella de Vil and you're so edgy that if someone has the misfortune to pass you in the canteen queue, you might do more damage than Hiroshima and throw it all away!

It all started so well

Yet this job, you chose it. Because he made you dream or because you needed the salary to pay your bills, of course! Either way, no one threatened to cut your Netflix subscription or shove Grandma in the nettles (poor thing!) if you didn't jump into THAT job, right now, right now. Besides, let's be honest, a new job usually smacks of a fresh start: new assignments, new responsibilities, new colleagues, and you were all about enthusiasm and optimism back then.

« I want to break free »

Yes, but now, today, you are no longer there. Enthusiasm and Optimism have given way to Boredom and Disarray and you wonder why you are still here. You dream of letting go of everything. You see outrageous offers for no bullshit jobs on job_that_makesense and imagine yourself happy and fulfilled as a stuntman, humanitarian manager or yoga teacher. Yes, but
 starting all over again is actually a bit freaky. Absolutely! And here you are again depressed about getting stuck in this bullshit job forever.

I want to break free

Fortunately, there are other ways than to send everything upside down to regain enthusiasm and optimism at work. And since I'm nice, I'll give you some friendly advice to be less lost in your professional life. Because I admit that I too have been there, and that I did not like this period at all. And between bullshit jobbers, we have to stick together!

Giving meaning to your bullshit job

Step 1 : quit the dark side of the force.

To get out of the infernal spiral of negativity into which boredom and helplessness have dragged you, the most important thing is to RE-LA-TI-VI-ZE and even, if you are ready to put in some extra effort, to BE PO -SI-TI-VE. And yes, this job, if on thinking about it you are not ready to let go, you will have to do with it for a little while longer. So might as well find positive aspects to it and even why not
 advantages! Easier said than done ? Come on, again, I'm nice, you can pick up some ideas to help you start your "positive list" and feel more fulfilled at work:

  • “As Geraldine is going on mat leave in a week, who is going to take over her five-star project? It's Bibi! (Bibi is you, I specify, just in case
  • "Being able to go to the office by bike is still a top quality of life" (and for your summer-body too) 😉
  • "D – 12 before my vacation in Crete" (which you would not have had the luxury of offering yourself without your salary of course, therefore, advantage. CQFD)
  • "Antoine from accounting, he's still really nice" (And sexy. And single
 but I'm saying that, I'm not saying anything)

So your mission if you accept it: make the longest list possible! Even little things that seem insignificant to you, because lots of little "nothings" end up forming a big "everything". Without denying reality, the goal is to nurture you with what's going well and force you to see the bright side of things to help you get back into a positive mood.


Step 2 : make your job meaningful again.

Meaning, as Marion explains so well in her article "A job with a meaning,... But which meaning ?" (which I invite you to read, but not right away, finish this article first), it's personal. And by making a little effort, you will surely remember that this bullshit job which today makes you want as much as the Brussels sprouts in the canteen, you chose it because it meant something to you. So of course, it may not be up to what you expected, but it's up to you to give it (re)meaning. Where do we start? By asking. Refocus. Reflect. Not at your next meeting or at the length of your TO-DO list. No. A real reflection. Focused on yourself: your needs, your wants, your expectations. On what YOU need to get to (and especially leave) at work with the banana: more recognition, autonomy, missions, telecommuting... It's up to you 😉

To help you understand your needs and desires and define your professional project, you can be accompanied as part of a skills assessment. We have selected a few for you, this is where it happens

👉 Discover the skills assessments


Step 3 : express your needs.

Now that you have clearly identified what you need to (sur)live in the world of work, you have to express it. Clearly. Exit innuendo, subliminal messages and other devious (and totally ineffective) means of getting the message across. To help you get started if facing your boss freaks you out, know that your manager has no interest (except if he's a pervert, sadistic and frustrated, but that's another subject) to have. in his team a depressed, unmotivated employee... and therefore less productive! He therefore has every interest in listening, so that you can together find a solution that is beneficial for both of you: for you, because you will feel better in your job, and for him because you will be more of it. productive.


Step 4 : enjoy life.

And yes. Argument certainly boat, but we can never say it enough: there is not only work in life! So even if, despite all the effort you've just made to feel better about your job, there's a day when you're about to take a dive again, RESIST (prove you exist!). How? 'Or' What ? Focusing on the "rest", the little pleasures in life.

Because YES! There are plenty of other reasons to be happy than work in life!