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Change of life, happiness, positive psychology, well-being at work, fulfillment, personal development
 buzzwords that the mainstream media have started to seize. Eye-catching titles ranging from "recipes for happiness" to "are you made for happiness" that make you think of these miracle recipes to lose 10 pounds in 3 days.

Here there is no deception, no hypocrisy to sell happiness as one would sell cigarettes. So let's drop the masks now: there is no recipe for happiness, no instant method to obtain it. There it's done ! We can now figure out how to make happiness a way of living life.

For me the path started a few years ago. Revolted against everything, shy in private life as in professional life, undecided about the direction of my career, I wanted change and started to take an interest in books dealing with personal development subjects. Many will say that this “kind of reading” has a very guru side to it. However, thinking about it, do you know many people who can say of themselves: I want to progress where my weaknesses are; I want to be a better person for myself and those around me; I want to embody the change that I would like to see in others? These questions are however the bases of personal development and allow to refocus on existential questions too often neglected by the notions of profitability and efficiency.

So stop! For a few moments, ask yourself if you invest your time in becoming a better yourself, in being a good person for those around you and your company? For example, in "The Learning of Happiness" Tal Ben-Shahar explains that happiness is an overall feeling of pleasure combined with the meaning that we put into it. For him, a happy person experiences positive feelings because he finds a reason for his existence. The notion of temporality is crucial because this formulation does not apply to a precise moment but to the aggregate sum of the experiences of an entire life at a given moment. Happiness corresponds to experience, so exit the carpe diem and the YOLO (you only live once) fashion of the 21st century.

Are you convinced? So how do you get started? How to start in personal development? Here is a list of readings that I suggest you start gradually and at your own pace. This kind of reading is involving because you will be offered exercises between chapters. The key is to actually do these exercises: there is no miracle, without practicing the change you wish to see in your life, no possible result. As a bodybuilder can't see his muscles swelling if he doesn't do the right exercises, you will never change if you don't practice them.

The reading cat

Books and magazines

  • Le Guide Des PaumĂ©.E.S, Pour Celles Et Ceux Qui Ont Envie De Tout Plaquer - For all those who feel lost in their job, their way of life, their commitment or their needs... This guide provides, not answers (too easy), but good questions, resources carefully chosen, testimonials from the lost and advice from experts in paumitude.
  • « L’apprentissage du bonheur » de Tal Ben-Shahar - Tal Ben-Shahar is an internationally renowned psychologist who teaches a course on happiness at Harvard. Through this simple and extremely practical book, you will ask yourself many questions about yourself and find answers through the exercises offered. An essential base when a person wishes to put more meaning and happiness in their life.
  • « L’apprentissage de l’imperfection » de Tal Ben-Shahar - In this second opus, Tal Ben-Shahar gives us the keys to countering an enemy common to all: the search for perfection. By wanting to be continually perfect in all areas, disappointment, frustration, lack of energy and depression await us. With this manual full of good ideas and exercises, Tal Ben-Shahar leads us once again to question ourselves about the essentials of our lives.
  • « Power Patate » - "We all have superpowers": such is Florence Servan Schreiber's motto. Florence gives us here a guide full of energy to focus on our known strengths and discover new superpowers.
  • « Les quatre accords toltĂšques » De Don Miguel Ruiz - This book should be taken with caution: in the first chapters, the atmosphere is "shamanic" and will risk losing the least receptive readers. Yet the game is worth the candle: the 4 principles can be pillars of life to apply to help free yourself from stress. Be careful, however, not to expect a miracle cure and to question the relevance of these principles on your own life.
  • Happinez - This bimonthly magazine is lifestyle oriented. You will discover philosophical articles on happiness, testimonials and interviews, advice for a healthy and organic life, etc. This magazine is full of good ideas for living a life in harmony with others and with the earth: a positive, inspiring and colorful concentrate.

Blogs et websites

  • Le blog de Florence Servan Schreiber - Florence's blog allows you to follow her news, watch inspiring videos and benefit from advice on positive psychology via her newsletter.
  • Le site de la Fabrique Spinoza - La Fabrique is a citizen happiness think tank: ideal if you want to dig deeper into the issues of happiness and optimism.
  • The School of Life - This school arrived in France about 1 year ago: it offers personal development courses at competitive prices.
  • Ted et TedXParis. These video conferences are doses of incredible inspiration. Do you lack energy, are you looking for revolutionary ideas? RDV on these online conferences that give another look at the world.

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