Lost in your transition ? Find out all the ressources to start your purpose-driven professional transition.

Am I legitimate to work in the impact sector?

Ah, the impostor syndrome... We could make novels out of it! If you feel illegitimate in your thinking to work on the impact, this little exercise is for you! #positivereinforcement

Hélène de Vestele (Edeni): "Ikigai is a useful tool for introspection"

Far from being a fixed tool, the Ikigai can evolve over time. Edeni integrates this tool in the introduction of 2 of its programs. Hélène, its founder, tells us more.

Professional retraining: what issue really excites you?

Camille Guezennec, co-founder of Cap Positif, shows us an exercise to find the social issue that really drives you to make your professional transition a real success!

[Interview] Claire Dupuy-Surpas - Ensemble1job - Collaborative skills assessment

Going from lawyer to founder of a skills assessment like no other, this is Claire's journey, which presents us with the specificities of her program.

A job that makes sense... But what sense?

You are sure: you want to do a meaningful job. OK, but what does the meaning mean? The good news is that there is no answer to this question. On the other hand, we give you tips to avoid having a panic attack every time we ask you the question.

10 podcasts to shed light on your quest for meaning at work

Do you feel alone in your search for meaning? Don't panic, we have identified 10 podcasts for you that will surround you like a little bubble of serenity in your search for positive impact!