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The "side project", to put glitter in your life

You have read our article « Help, I can't take my bullshit job anymore, but I'm not ready to give up! », applied our precious advice (of course), but your life is still sorely lacking in meaning (and glitter)? Then the "side project" may be for you!

« Ok but well
 what is a « side project » ? »

Coming straight from Silicon Valley (oh yeah!), the "side project" is a creative project in which you want to invest yourself outside of your job. A project you want to get into because it makes you love it (and not because your boss asked you to!), but you don't want to quit your job. On what type of project? It's up to you! So it's up to you to knit baby booties if it's your trip, to work on the release of an album with your rock band or to start creating dried fruit earrings (and if , it exists

« But what is the difference between hobby and "side project" ? »

It's true that in both cases, it's about desire, meaning, passion... The difference between a simple hobby and a real "side project" is the energy and the resources that you will devote to it. Because yes, the "side project" is closer to a professional project than a simple hobby. It's a project in its own right, and if you want it to work, you'll have to invest time, resources (material and sometimes financial) and set yourself goals (well yes, ideas are good but still must we give ourselves the means to take action)!

« And what will it bring me more than my job? »

Whether it's passion, the desire to do something with your little hands, the search for meaning or the need for an additional salary that drives you, the "side project" is also a great way to t accomplish professionally outside of work. It's also an opportunity to get out of your core business (because Excel accounting tables are good for two minutes, huh...) and develop new skills that may give you ideas to enrich your current job and become your boss' favorite (
you never know). The "side project" is finally the opportunity to bring your passion to life! To take a breath of fresh air to get out of your daily grind and flourish through a project that takes you to the guts!

« And legaly, can I really do this? »

Legally, nothing prohibits a salaried employee from carrying out an entrepreneurial project in parallel with his job. There are still some exceptions, such as for civil servants and certain liberal professions, for which the accumulation of statuses is prohibited. When it is allowed, there are still some precautions to take. For example, think about checking that there is no exclusivity or non-competition clause in your employment contract. Of course, you can't work on your "side project" during your working hours either (it seems obvious, but I'll specify just in case), nor use the resources of the company that employs you to develop your activity. (otherwise it would be slightly too easy huh)!

« And so, should I talk about it with my boss? »

Again, it's up to you! But, if you don't have to, playing the transparency card can be a good option. It will always be appreciated by your employer and will allow you to establish a relationship of trust with your company. Because as an employee, you are required not to harm the company that employs you through another activity. Talking about it to your boss will therefore avoid generating mistrust on his part if he were to learn otherwise. And don't worry, the majority of managers care about the well-being of their employees, so this type of project, which strongly contributes to it, is generally rather well received.

« So
 let’s go then! »

That's it, you're ready to take the plunge but going it alone is freaking you out a little? Fortunately, you can count on structures like Vendredi, which offers solutions so that you can dedicate one or more days a week to a social start-up without leaving your current job! And if you feel like going further, tell yourself that the "side project" can be a good transition period before you retrain and/or start a new car activity for good. -contractor.

After all, that's how the famous Facebook, Apple and Etsy were born 😉