Skills and training
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Learn to engage in the ecological transition with the Fabrique des Possibles.

Do you need knowledge on the subject of transition? Are you aware of the issue and would like to know how to take action? You are already very committed and you need to be surrounded, to motivate yourself? The Fabrique des Possibles, in Montpellier, accompanies each person in the service of the ecological and social transition !

Training in Third Places

Places of cooperation and experimentation, often focused on ecological, social and solidarity themes, the Third-Party Places offer training to learn meaningful jobs and also help those who want to create their own place!

Parcoursup: 10 training courses to manage the ecological transition.

This week, we explore the Parcoursup trainings to direct you towards the management of the ecological transition in companies or in the territories. These jobs require solid skills in environment and also in social sciences!

Parcoursup: 10 courses to help you find your way in the sustainable transport sector.

One of the most polluting sectors is unsurprisingly transportation. Do you want to be a professional in the field of new mobility? Do you want to rethink the way we travel? Here are the Parcoursup training courses to help you find your way into the sustainable transport sector!

7 proposals for training in responsible marketing

Composed of various professions, marketing is present everywhere, bridging the gap between brands and end customers. But what if it also had a role to play in the ecological and social transition? Here are 7 trainings to change the way you do marketing.

Everything you need to know about being a CSR consultant

Do you see CSR consultant offers passing by but you don't dare apply? Marine Faibis, from the Indigo school, tells us all about this key job in the ecological redirection.

Learn about CSR issues in the fashion and luxury sector.

Fashion and luxury also have their role to play in the ecological and social transition. If you are a professional of the sector wishing to transform it from the inside, you might be interested in Ethiwork, presented by Céline and Salomé!

Training in change facilitation, in the middle of the forest !

Leading behavioral changes for the ecological transition is not a simple thing, is it? The Entre les Arbres training courses teach you to adopt the posture of a facilitator to achieve this, in an environment perfectly adapted for this learning: the forest!

Parcoursup: 10 courses to help you find your way into the health and social professions

3rd Parcoursup theme: after sustainable agriculture and energy transition, here are the possible choices in the health and social professions.

Parcoursup: 10 courses to help you find your way to sustainable agriculture

The anxiety: choosing your orientation on Parcoursup. The solution: look at positive impact training. The first episode: sustainable agriculture