Skills and training

The ecological and societal transition requires the development of new skills, both behavioral and technical. Through these articles, we help you to see more clearly about the training courses allowing you to acquire them.

Illustration : Matthew Feeney, Unsplash

A new career in data: is it right for me?

Analyzing and understanding data is key to ensuring an organization's impact. Aurore introduces you to a world where numbers are at the service of the ecological transition.

Feature - Working in tech and making a difference. These organizations are doing it !

After a first article presenting the importance of tech and data professions in the impact sector, here are some impact organizations for which these skills are needed.

Dossier - Working in Tech & in Impact. Which jobs and training?

To close this "Tech X Impact" file, here are some examples of possible jobs and trainings in tech and data, to engage you in the ecological and social transition by using these skills.

Dossier - Working in Tech & in Impact. Is it compatible ?

As part of our daily uses, how do new technologies and data find their place in the ecological and social transition? We dissect the subject via 3 dedicated articles !

How to avoid the traps of greenwashing?

You hear about greenwashing, but you don't really know where the line is between sincere commitment and greenwashing? Marine, from Join Indigo School, helps us to understand it better.

"Working in the social and solidarity fields" - What do we mean by this ?

Necessary for the ecological transition, the health, social and solidarity sectors are home to a wide range of professions !

Fashion pollutes. How to take action ?

Between pollution and ethical scandals, the fashion industry does not have a good reputation! Fortunately, some companies are turning their backs, giving a new face to the sector.

Better communication for better engagement.

To get on board, whether you are a project manager, a consultant or a transition manager, a strong lever for action is to master public speaking !

"Working effectively in a group setting can be learned!"

We all know that meeting or that project that doesn't lead to anything because of bad communication or lack of support from the management... It is through collective intelligence methods that Worklab brings solutions for more impact in organizations !

What are the professional alternatives when you want to leave everything for the countryside? 

Ah, the call of the countryside, the wide open spaces, the birds, ... Is it a real life project or a passing fancy? To find out, discover the advice of Perrine LHote, from the organization Hisse & Haut