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Which craft professions are recruiting?

Are you wondering about becoming a craftsman to change career paths or careers?

That's good, there are many craft activities in the field of ecological transition.

Moreover, the craft industry attracts retraining: "a quarter of the creations or takeovers of craft businesses are made by senior executives or young graduates from higher education."

In this article, we have drawn up a non-exhaustive list of trades and missions of the craftsman in different sectors of sustainable development.

Craftsman to improve the energy efficiency of housing

The energy renovation of buildings is a buoyant sector boosted by the State since 2020 as part of the Recovery Plan. Households with access to aid to renovate their home can more easily call on professionals. Here are two jobs in this sector:

Heating expert

The heating expert ensures the comfort of the inhabitants by installing, repairing and maintaining the heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water systems of the buildings.

Recommended studies: CAP fitter in thermal installations. After 2 years of professional experience, possibility of preparing for the professional fitter certificate in HVAC and sanitary engineering installations (2 years). 3 years to prepare a pro installer baccalaureate in heating, air conditioning and renewable energy; maintenance and energy efficiency; refrigeration and air conditioning technician.

To do and love this job: Know how to size and install gas and wood boilers, heat pumps, and other means of heating. Ensure the maintenance of this equipment at its customers. Demonstrate concentration and attention to detail. Be an educator to explain to residents how to use their heating systems wisely.

Remuneration: between 2000 and 3000 euros gross per month as an entry salary.

Training: La Solive 

Workplaces: at an energy renovation craftsman or as a self-employed person.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: LSF Energie, Vivenergie


Insulation expert

The insulation expert is responsible for the building envelope: the roof, the walls and the floor. It replaces or adds insulation to these various elements, in order to limit heat loss.

Recommended studies: Fitter CAP in thermal and acoustic insulation

To do and love this job: Love manual work. Know how to install thermal insulation internally and externally. Know the techniques of insulation and biosourced materials. Have a certain relational ease for the customer relationship.

Remuneration: between 2000 and 3000 euros gross per month as an entry salary.

Training: La Solive

Lieux de travail : chez un artisan de la rĂ©novation Ă©nergĂ©tique ou en tant qu’indĂ©pendant.e.

Exemple de structures qui recrutent sur ce métier : Chaux et Chanvre



Artisan to recycle, upcycle

Valorist carpenter

You create and transform materials from bulky and reusable materials.

Recommended studies: diploma courses (CAP, a Bac pro) or continuing education in carpentry.

To do and love this job: have qualifications in carpentry: know how to draw and read carpentry and building plans, geometry, calculation, know the standards for sound insulation and sealing, be meticulous and inventive. , respectful of safety rules and instructions and be comfortable in customer relations. Take a liking to enhancing materials and reusing them to create furniture.

Remuneration: starting salary of €1,500 gross/month and confirmed between €1,700 and €1,800 gross/month.

Training: to learn how to make use of building materials, train with MakeICI 

Place of work: Craftsmen in the sector work in resource centres, on their own account, for a craft company in furniture.

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: Adopte un bureau, Au bonheur des Chutes, Angebault ébénisterie 

Craftsman to decarbonize transport

Cycle mechanic

Assemble, overhaul, repair... In this position, you work on all types of bicycles: city, racing, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and more and more electrically assisted bicycles.

Recommended studies: being self-taught, passionate about cycling and connoisseur of mechanics can be enough to ensure this job. Training can complement knowledge in this area.

To do and love this job: love the world of cycling, have an interest in techniques related to bicycle mechanics. Be precise, rigorous, careful, meticulous and attentive to the customer.

Training: the formation professionnelle mé cycle de MakeICI

Lieu de travail : dans une grande enseigne dans le sport, une entreprise spĂ©cialisĂ©e dans le cycle, de location de vĂ©lo ou en tant qu’indĂ©pendant.e.

Exemple de structures qui recrutent sur ce métier : Olvo, Viraj mobilités

Artisan for a healthier diet

Organic Artisan-Baker

According to a 2022 study by France AgriMer, the number of artisan bakers applying for organic certification has been increasing since 2017 with 7.3% of artisan bakeries certified.

Recommended studies: Baker's CAP in 2 years, which is acquired from apprentice training centers or vocational high schools. The profession is also accessible via a 3-year professional bakery-pastry baccalaureate.

To do and love this job: Make and bake bread, pastries and other products. Know and respect the rules of hygiene and food safety. Keep informed of the tastes of the customers to propose an adapted offer and novelties.

For business leaders: have skills in management and team management. Select organic flour and ingredients to make breads, pastries and other products for sale. Be able to manage commercial relations with suppliers.

Remuneration: Beginner salary: minimum wage. On his own account, an artisan baker can receive between €3,500 and €4,000.

Training: Flour yourself for people dismissed from employment

Example of structures that recruit in this profession: You can be a self-employed craftsman, work in a bakery, in Third Places, within a cooperative, etc.

2 other examples of sectors in which you can have an impact

Craftsman in rural areas: The Institute of Tramayes offers you eight months of training to find your way through the discovery of manual trades and how to get involved. An innovative and active pedagogy that goes through three pillars: thinking; work and undertake.

👉 Discover the program of the Institute of Tramayes.

Or the catering trades, which can be redesigned by operating in a circular economy.

👉 La Source trains future food artisans in committed cooking!

Creation or takeover of a craft business

If you have a project to create a craft business, the first administrative procedures, in particular registration, are carried out at the dedicated business formalities centre.

In France, in 2020, 50% of craftsmen have chosen the status of sole proprietorship, and more particularly of micro-enterprise, an individual business regime, allowing accounting simplicity and tax advantages.

Aid to promote crafts

To be a craftsman

To support crafts, financial aid schemes exist. You will find it HERE.

You can also find out about the aid in your region around trade and crafts, via the professional craft chambers, the Maison de l'Artisanat and by contacting craftsmen in the region in which you work.

For business leaders

Regarding the training of craftsmen, the FAFCEA (Training Insurance Fund for Chefs exercising a craft activity) is a financial aid system intended for heads of craftsmen businesses.

⚠ Also, if you want to start your business at the end of 2022, for small businesses and SMEs with less than 250 employees, the government grants aid of €5,000 or €8,000 to companies to recruit an apprentice whose contract is signed until as of December 31, 2022.

For young artisans

Supported by the network of chambers of trades and crafts, the Trades Olympiad is aimed at young professionals under the age of 23 who wish to compete in their profession.

Who knows, maybe you will be the next Meilleur Artisan de France? 😉

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