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[Testimonial] – SSE as a freelancer? It's possible !

Because the Social and Solidarity Economy is also stories, paths and profiles all more different from each other, we present to you today the portrait of Claire. At 27, Claire works as a digital marketing freelancer in the SSE. She tells us how she got there.

What position did you hold before?

I was in charge of digital marketing in an ESN (Digital Services Company) then in charge of marketing for a start-up in the sports sector recently. More specifically, one of the core businesses of this start-up was to create sports communities. I was therefore in charge of the animation and development of these communities by activating the various existing marketing levers.

How did you come up with the idea for this change?

I needed to give meaning to my job and invest myself in projects that are in line with my daily values.

How were you supported in this change? Did you use any particular resources to guide you?

It was a very personal process during which I had to discover how the ESS ecosystem works and rebuild my network from A to Z. jobs_that_makesense and makesense are privileged resources for me, not only because they bring together all SSE stakeholders and provide very interesting tools to rebuild its offer and decompartmentalize all projects. For example, I participate in the Odisea mentoring program in partnership with GRDF, I followed the aperitif training which gave me great techniques for leading a group and I had access to videos, in particular that of The Family on the creation of the founding team of a project who brought me a lot for my Wave for the planet project.

What were the main obstacles you encountered in your professional retraining?

The obstacles for me were to find myself alone without structure and to have to initiate a kind of reconversion. But in the end, by participating in events regularly and talking a lot around me, I identified opportunities very quickly.

What is the advantage for you of working as a freelancer?

Working as a freelance now allows me to be free to choose the projects in which I invest myself, to be able to modulate my working hours as I wish. I also have the feeling of being more dynamic and proactive because my results only depend on my work.

Being a freelancer is a lot of freedom! Where do you usually settle to work?

I try to alternate the days when I work from home and in public places. My favorite spots: La Felicita and La Montgolfière in Paris. Besides, I'm looking for spots like these in Bordeaux, if anyone has good tips to share with me, I'll take it 🙂

How do you find jobs in the ESS?

I follow the news a lot on jobs_that_makesense. And I am very active on social networks, especially freelance groups. I also produce content using an inbound marketing technique to attract prospects.

What is important to you in your job today?

My freedom and my values ​​that are in line with my job.

What advice would you give to people who are thinking about converting to the SSE?

Do not hesitate and do not be afraid. It is a healthy environment, where you will inevitably find people ready to help you and to trust you. Since I started I have only made beautiful encounters, which have brought me a lot.

Do you have any new projects in the ESS?

Of course, I want to perpetuate my freelance activity and in parallel I created a collective called Wave for The Planet. Our ambition is to motivate younger generations to invest in the protection of the planet and the oceans in their daily lives. I hope to be able to fully develop this project which is really close to my heart. We are already 12 to get together regularly and imagine actions, so my goal is to see all our ideas come true and more.

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Photo by Page Cody on Unsplash