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Posted on 07-26-2022


Wecandoo est une startup sociale engagée pour la mise en avant de l’Artisanat et des savoir-manuel.

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Wecandoo est une startup sociale engagée pour la mise en avant de l’Artisanat et des savoir-faire manuels.Avec son collectif d’Artisans, Wecandoo permet au grand public de pousser les portes d’un atelier d’Artisan, de s’initier à un savoir-faire et de fabriquer un objet unique à ses côtés.

Fabriquer un meuble en bois, un couteau, un sac à main ou encore des saucisses ou du pain… Plus de 3500 ateliers sont proposés dans la France entière avec les meilleurs Artisans de chaque territoire.

Wecandoo s’adresse à deux marchés porteurs :

Aujourd’hui, Wecandoo, c’est une quarantaine de personnes engagées pour faire rayonner l’Artisanat et permettre à chacun de se reconnecter aux personnes qui produisent !

Directly reporting to the CEO and Head of International, your objective is to kickstart our activity in new countries (starting with the UK) and build the machine that will enable the country to run “by itself”. Once the country launched, you handover the responsibility to the Country Manager and the different departments.Through a very entrepreneurial approach, you will be responsible for exploring and launching Wecandoo’s commercial activity in the UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and Portugal.

The Country Launcher works as an accelerator of Internationalization and deploys the launching strategy through various missions and geography : recruitment and training, business development, market study, Process development, cultural change, partnerships.This missions are multifold :

Create a stellar team

  • Recruitment of the country manager and his/her team. Sourcing/Recruitment of the local communication & PR resource (whether via agency or staff recruitment).
  • Intensive training of the Country Manager for 2/3 months in order to make him/her fully autonomous (field trainings but also theoretical trainings).

Understand the market

  • Market study : what city and areas to target, the competitive landscape, cultural and consumer habits, number of potential artisans/customers. Your responsibility is to create actionable resources to help the rest of the team to easily understand the local market.
  • You get in touch with other companies that opened their business there in order to grasp some best practices, tips and tricks (RETEX).

Build the right product for the artisans and the customers

  • Make sure the current workshop collection fits with the taste of the local market (price, length, techniques..). If needed, adapt our content strategy to fit with these requirements (written and media).
  • Present our solution to a large panel of artisans to better understand if our services fit their needs and how we can adapt if needed.
  • Overall, your job is to present our solution to a variety of actors to gather their feedback and sharpen our product market/fit for the artisans and customers.

Build the perfect artisan’s acquisition machine

  • Refine and adapt our current sales strategy with craftsmen to the local market (sales argument, prefered channels of contact, pace, nature of interaction, brochure, inbound sales…).
  • Build the right strategy (omnichannel if needed : artisan referral, partnership, inbound sales via content creation etc.).
  • Hand in hand with the country manager, launch and test the artisan acquisition’s strategy by getting in touch with at least 20 artisans

Kickstart with the local team, learn, analyze and iterate

  • Participation into the launch strategy and build the local kick-off roadmaps derivated from the playbook (KPI, Business Plan, Budget)
  • Analytics : ensure the monitoring of the country’s results and derive continual learnings for improvements.
  • Hand in hand with the head of international, you check the validity of our hypothesis thanks to your field expertise.

Make Wecandoo a true international start-up

  • Participation in the cultural and linguistic evolution of Wecandoo helping us become a true international start up.
  • Coordinate all the required departments (Product, Marketing, Artisan Relation, Opérations) for the pre-launch phase and make sure the run is smooth in the first months of activity. Keep the deadlines in order and rearrange priorities.
  • Work with HQ teams to improve our tools/process/routines and make sure the run is smooth between teams in different countries and HQ. This also includes creating the right meeting with the right content at the right pace.

Partnerships / Intelligence and opportunity

  • Create relevant partnerships with actors from our industry (experience, tourism, craftsmanship, event agencies, press etc.).
  • Identify and build the first partnerships to support our various needs : artisans’ acquisition, digital customer acquisition, brand and visibility, distribution, artisans’ community.
  • You are humble, hard worker, super enthusiast, and you are the best ambassador of our values.
  • You are fluent in English (additional french is a plus).
  • You have a strong ability to build / test / learn loops.
  • You have a first 3+ years of entrepreneurial-oriented experience.
  • You have a strong analytical capacity and a strategic mind
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset with a passion for early-stage challenges.
  • You strongly enjoy sales development and convincing people.
  • You are a “doer” and a problem solver.
  • You are a team player, demonstrating ability to think for the greater good and work with others