Global Citizenship Internship

Fair Earth Foundation

  • Volunteering
  • Internship
  • Spain
  • Citizen engagement
  • < 15 persons
Social mission

To work towards the alleviation of poverty around the world through education, environment or enterprise creation.

Job description

We provide low cost volunteering, internship and work experience opportunities. The Fair Earth Foundation is a UK registered conservation charity (1172989) with 30 years experience in providing higher education programmes accredited by the European Union. Tens of thousands of students and young people from around the globe have gained vital skills and experience passing through our programmes.

All of the work we do is volunteer led, centring on 5 key programme areas: Sustainable Living, Creative: Film and Photography, Ecotourism, Social Enterprise, and Marine Conservation. A core focus throughout these programmes is to encourage people to be Global Citizens and take responsibility for their impact on environment, nature and society; both on local and global scales. 

Our aim is to alleviate poverty around the world, but we do not believe in ‘charity’. Instead, our mission is to empower disadvantaged people, providing the tools to  enable them to stand on their own two feet, and facilitate their own journey to becoming financially independent.

We can’t do everything, but we can all do something and if we all do something, everything gets done.

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  • Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
  • Website
  • NGO
  • Posted on 03-07-2021
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Professions associated with the job
  • Creative > Audiovisual production
  • Creative > Graphics / Illustration
  • Business > Business Development
  • Learning > Others