Full-Stack (Data) Intern — Strategic Reporting Builder (End-of-Studies) - Paris

💡 Responsible products or services
Paris, France
Citizen engagement
Occasional remote authorized
Posted on 09-14-2023
Start : January 2024
This job is no longer available.


Qomon is a Saas software and the best-in-class citizen engagement platform & mobile app for NGOs, movements, campaigns and citizen-driven organizations.

💡 Responsible products or services

The company's mission is to design eco-responsible products and services aligned with the needs of the ecological transformation.

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  • Citizen engagement
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Please checkout our main post on Welcome To The Jungle:



Are you fascinated by applying Data Science to the real world and noble purposes? Don’t wait, we have a challenging opportunity for you at Qomon!

Quick disclaimers:

  • ⚠️ This internship is not focused on models / AI / ML / DL / “Big Data”, there is plenty of stuff to do besides that in the data-science world 🤗 Let us really emphasize on the full-stack words in the title (tech / dev wise) first, data(-scientist) part second.
  • We welcome applicants that are looking for end-of-studies internships! 🎓 (with sharp software engineering knowledge but not necessarily experience)
  • We really are into building a diverse, inclusive and authentic workplace! We don’t expect candidates to match and feel at ease with every line of this lengthy job description 🤗

We do believe it’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity

  • You will be taking part in a growing startup (and B-Corp), human-sized, with an experienced staff, supporting entrepreneurial mindsets, ownership, and with a very open / transparent / 0 bullshit company culture.
  • (big) Cherry on the cake, you will be with us at an exciting and rare time, during the 2024 European Elections 🚀
  • We are committed to a challenging, diverse and meaningful sector: citizen-driven organizations, NGOs, movements, campaigns, etc. all over the world. Qomon R&D team is at the forefront of our actions.
  • Code & data quality / maintainability is highly valued, while keeping a startup / pragmatic spirit.
  • We don’t do shady / micro personalized / micro targeted / big data stuff; we actually mainly work with (small) Open Data!
  • You are completing a master’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics or Computer Science, or equivalent, with notable success & happiness. You do enjoy (and know about) Maths and Data Science and Computer Science (algorithms, data structures, etc.)
  • You are close or feel ready to write production code (no worries, you won’t be let loose) — preferably in Python & JavaScript. You know LaTeX and you are not afraid of it (this is a clear requirement for this internship),
  • Open-minded about and attracted by our view of full-stack data science,
  • Willing to join the team in the beautiful city of Paris,
  • Interested in working / ok to work with a wide range of (political) organizations,
  • Used to sharing your opinions and continuously improving,
  • You have a professional level of English (>= C1 in Reading / Writing / Speaking),
  • Flexible enough for the evolving nature of a startup & rigorous enough for working with data in general,
  • Ability to self-motivate and finish things,
  • Interest in citizen-driven organizations.