Innovation Coordinator - Toronto

Long term
Toronto, Canada
Partial remote possible
5 yrs of exp.
Posted on 03-29-2023
This job is no longer available.

PUR Projet

Leader in supply chain sustainability. We work with local communities to develop regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, forest conservation and landscape restoration projects worldwide.

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Research & Innovation Coordinator

Beginning: 2023

Full-time position

Based in Toronto, Canada


PUR is a global leader in supply chain sustainability. We develop socio-environmental projects within the supply chains of our Corporate Partners. Through the economic and social empowerment of local communities and the introduction of sustainable development initiatives at the agricultural level, PUR seeks to address climate change, while regenerating and preserving the ecosystems upon which these supply chains depend. Many of PUR’s projects fall within the categories of insetting, regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, forest conservation and landscape restoration. PUR is a B Corp Company which employs over 170 people and a presence in 10 countries.


PUR is an impact driven business and B Corp, based in Paris, France; with further offices in Canada (Toronto), Colombia, Peru, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Indonesia, China, Singapore and Thailand. We operate projects in 30 countries. PUR has a depth of experience in South America, Asia, Africa and Europe, and is currently expanding its scope within North America. PUR clients range in size but include large programs with F&B customers such as major coffee brands (Nespresso, Nescafé, Starbucks..), cocoa brands & traders, large players such as Unilever and other supply-chained linked actors in sectors of Fashion & cosmetics such as Burberry, L’Oreal, Chanel, and Caudalie.

We are a close-knit Team that focuses on supporting each other, and sharing energy, ideas and inspiration on a daily basis; and we look forward to bringing in new Team members that share our passion for making change in this great world. Located at 507 King St. East, the office is easily accessible by TTC.


PUR is seeking an experienced and dynamic coordinator to work directly with the Director of Innovation and Development based in Toronto and our global teams in the development of new products, services, concepts and processes that continually differentiate PUR within the market. The key focus will be the evolution of the product, framing and operational protocols for the implementation of nature-based projects with agricultural communities; addressing key performance indicators for carbon, nature, livelihoods and water in line with dynamic international frameworks.

This person will work closely with the global programs, projects, central services (finance, legal and marketing) and specialist teams in the process of evaluating new concepts, technical partnership opportunities, and practices for their relevance to PUR’s product portfolio; and address the incorporation of selected concepts into PUR’s practices and operations thereafter.

The successful candidate will have experience working with international technical teams, remotely and in person, and have the ability to digest and manage complex topics in the areas of nature-based solutions, agriculture, technology, impact accounting and reporting frameworks. They will be an excellent process manager, helping the team to develop and execute product development roadmaps within their respective scopes, on time and within budget.



Coordinate and manage the consolidated process and practice of evaluating new concepts, ideas, technologies and frameworks for potential incorporation into PUR’s process, practices or product portfolio. Coordinate and manage PUR’s research program related to key nature-based performance impacts.


Consolidation of Global Expertise

  • Work actively with , key technical experts, review of new industry publications and standards, summarize and disseminate key findings and learnings to global team;
  • publish, with the support of the global team of experts, key technical notes to be leveraged by the global team for education and training; &
  • lead team managing PURs database and library of technical expertise in the form of technical notes and documents, presentation material & educational content.

Concept Evaluation & Development Management

  • adapt and implement a process for the evaluation and prioritization of industry and technically relevant concepts brought to the table by PUR’s Global Team, Industry Actors and Partners;
  • coordinate the execution of concept development by key topic specific internal and external teams where concept is selected as priority; coordinating with teams, partners, budgets and flow ‘ticketing system’; &
  • take ultimate responsibility for product/concept development roadmaps and on time delivery of operable solutions.

Development & Execution of Research Roadmap

  • with topic experts, align and develop a research program to evaluate the holistic benefits of nature-based solution associated with insetting;
  • manage implementation of research program roadmap, coordinating topic experts & regional project teams;
  • Key topics of evaluation include carbon, biodiversity, water, productively and livelihood impacts.

Coordination with Specialists

  • take ownership of the global roadmap of ongoing innovation projects with PUR on a global basis;
  • supervise the collaboration between topic specific experts internally and externally on an ongoing basis;
  • dynamically manage resource requirements within the team and with collaborating teams to ensure the innovation pathway is appropriately staffed and resourced.


Culture & Community

  • Support a healthy, fun and effective work environment as part of the PUR Team;
  • Participate in internal workshops, seminars & social events to help carry PUR strong sense of community; &
  • Demonstrate your individual character, nature and ideology within the Company and support others to do the same

The successful Candidate will report to PUR Innovation and Development Director who is based in Toronto; and will collaborate with PURs global team of topic experts.

The successful Candidate will also be expected to closely collaborate with a number of colleagues in any of PUR 10 global offices.



≥Masters (or equivalent) degree in related fields such as product development, environmental science, ecological science, agricultural science, technology, or engineering. PHd seen as an asset.

MBA/MPA or similar designation seen as an asset, or demonstrated experience in the management of large-scale research, or product development pipelines.


Minimum 5 years of experience is expected in complex project management

Proven track record of product development or research program management, managing the collaboration between diverse technical teams in a global context.

Experience working with topics related to nature-based solutions (regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, pasture management etc.) and their resulting impacts (carbon, biodiversity, water, livelihoods) would be a plus.

Experience working with international accounting, certification frameworks and research related to these topics is seen as an asset. Experience with the application of technology to this field is seen as a strong asset.


Strong knowledge, experience and comfort working with diverse and international teams on the simple communication of technical topics.

Demonstrated skills in the design, management and execution of complex project, innovation and research development pathways, through collaboration with diverse service providers and global teams.

Curious personality, with the ability to learn quickly on a diverse set of technical topics.


We are seeking an individual who takes strong responsibility and accountability for their work. This person should have experience working cross functionally with various teams and disciplines, and remotely with international offices. Experience tracking and executing within assigned project timelines and parameters should be demonstrated

They should have the ability to clearly articulate strategic direction among multiple groups; while giving actionable feedback and direction. They should have the ability to influence and drive collaboration while working creatively to solve problems. Strong interpersonal skills will be seen as a strong asset due to the nature of the work.


Candidates must be fluent in English. French and/or Spanish is considered a strong asset.