Operations Lead - Vienna

Long term
Vienna, Austria
Full remote
1 yrs of exp.
Posted on 03-31-2022

New Paradigm Ventures

We are entrepreneurs on a mission to accelerate the shift to a purpose-driven economy, by prototyping it today.

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We are entrepreneurs on a mission to accelerate the shift to a purpose-driven economy, by prototyping it today. With our partners, we imagine, develop and implement better business and investment models. Better not just in the functional, but also in the moral sense: more human, more just, inclusive and regenerative, morally elevating. We call it The New Paradigm.

With our partners – start-ups, NGOs, governments, corporates, foundations and investors – we support enterprises that solve meaningful problems, but operate at the periphery of mainstream markets: the people, places, and topics that markets neglect. Our main focus is on frontier markets in Eastern Europe and East Africa, especially displaced settlements. Specifically, we offer:

Capacity Building: Talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity through access to support, networks,

and markets is not. We offer training, coaching,

and mentoring for purpose-driven ventures,

both one2one and in structured programs,

e.g. www.redpreneur.org.

Access to Capital: Finance is broken – both functionally and morally. Together with partners, we are hacking access to finance by building The Purpose Pool, an entrepreneur-centric, peer2peer powered funding platform for mission-driven ventures in frontier markets.

Venture Studio: We incubate, accelerate, replicate purpose-driven businesses, both existing and new. Specifically, we are building a collective of founders, facilitators, and funders to replicate proven, viable and scalable businesses – starting with circular economy and arts & culture infrastructure – in frontier markets (CEE and East Africa).

In the past two years, we have developed our capacity building, access to capital, and venture studio methodology to a point where it is proven, scalable, and financially viable.

Now, spinning it out as Relevant – a collaborative, open-source platform – is the next step.

For this, we are looking for an experienced Operations Lead to serve as a key member of our international team, based in Belgrade, Kampala, and Vienna.

Main accountabilities of the role include:

Team Management: Hosting the team and assuring roles and accountabilities are clear, tasks and activities are allocated and completed, tensions are identified and solved, and the spirit is high,

Planning & Resources: Co-ordinating the planning and budgeting process, including identifying funding sources and leading the fundraising (grants and investment) process,

Processes & Systems: Establishing and managing processes, including collaboration and communications tools (e.g. project management SW) and data / content systems,

Controlling: reviewing progress, setting and adjusting priorities, and managing formal accountabilities to external stakeholders/funders, including reporting and relationship management.

Location is not important, but being in a timezone between Erevan and Dakar (CET +/-2h) is helpful.

Position – We are looking for an entrepreneurial individual, willing and able to join us in the founding team.


We look more for the quality and depth of your experience, than years and years. We believe initiative and character are more important than superficial ‘achievement’, especially in those young of age. Having said that, you will need to be confident in your abilities in the following:

Management: You have managed teams, projects, and budgets, are comfortable in setting targets, allocating tasks and accountabilities, sweet-talking, cajoling, or arm-wrestling (whatever is needed ;-)) colleagues to deliver, and pragmatic and realistic in adjusting goals to new realities.

Communication: You are comfortable to work in English, both spoken and written, as well as cross-culturally, and cross-sectorally (e.g. partners who may have very different perspectives, e.g. start-up entrepreneurs and governments). Most importantly, you are confident in communicating with anyone, respectfully, in board rooms or the backseat of a beat-up bus. Since many promising funding leads are in Austria, German is a strong asset, as are any additional languages, especially in our target regions.

Planning & Controlling: You have planned, managed and reported on projects and budgets, and are familiar with the operational, day-to-day requirements of the present, as well as the future (planning) and past (reporting, including accounts).

Process & Systems: You have worked with team and project management tools, are aware of what they can – and can’t – do, and know how to implement and make them work in a remote team.

Please apply through this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1iLZNUlJoO26ERrwP40QONpaDXZcydEeExBG_ML_MwDk/edit